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4 Surprising Reasons Why Not Adopting Beyond Budgeting is Hurting Your Agile Framework

Your organization has adopted an agile framework and your sales model has turned from a top-down to a bottoms-up approach, replacing B2B with B2C2B. You sell to real people to reach a company and you create solutions for people with real-life needs in the workplace. You no longer think of your customers as an abstract notion of a “company”. You communicate with your customers every step of the way, work in sprints, and develop working software. You do all of this to continuously improve, keep up in a fast-paced software industry, improve customer and employee satisfaction, work more efficiently, and meet more realistic financial goals.

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7 Ways to Track Financials in JIRA with Tempo Folio

If you’re new to Tempo Folio for JIRA, or even if you’ve been using it for awhile, you might get stuck in the beginning deciding for what exactly to create a folio. We define a folio as being essentially the same as a project, but use the term folio to distinguish it from a JIRA project. A folio, however, can be created for many more initiatives and track financials in JIRA other than specific projects.

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How Tempo Planner benefits non-software teams

This is part of a blog series highlighting how Tempo Planner can empower different teams using JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. In this blog post we’re going to introduce how Tempo Planner can benefit non-software teams with visual resource and capacity planning for teams, programs, and projects, seamlessly in JIRA.

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5 Things we Learned From Hosting an Innovation Day

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At Tempo it’s extremely important for us to foster a culture of innovation. In an industry where things are constantly evolving and adapting, it’s crucial that we continuously improve and empower our teams and members to bring new ideas to the table. After all, our own products are all about empowering teams. Our flagship product, Tempo Timesheets, was a homegrown solution, and its worklog calendar is the result of an internal innovation project.

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