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Centralized Exchange Rates in Tempo Folio for Multi-National Companies

Did you know you can add centralized exchange rates in Tempo Folio for JIRA and add expenses in any currency to your folio? Most organizations have situations in which they need to manage costs in multiple currencies, whether it be as simple as needing to account for travel expenses, or as complicated as a multinational …

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Agile Time Tracking with Tempo Timesheets: Effectively Schedule and Ensure Team Participation

As every Agile practitioner knows, an important component of Agile is to find smarter ways to work. With agile time tracking at its core, Tempo Timesheets offers a variety of reporting features to eliminate problems and enabling all teams to focus on activities to meet their goals, in every organization.

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Is Continuous Delivery Replacing Agile?

Initiative NowRead in 6 minutes Serena Chan

Agile is beginning to take a backseat because nobody can provide a clear answer as to WHAT it is and HOW you do it. But, what is Continuous Delivery? Tempo’s Agile Coach, Ólafur, is here to give you some answers.

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