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Use Tempo Timesheets to Identify Trends and Plan Future Projects

Tempo Timesheets extends JIRA’s project planning and collaboration features to helps teams better plan resources, then track work performed on issues and tasks associated with all JIRA projects. This enables all teams across your business to keep track of their estimated versus actual time spent on completing the project. Historical data gives teams more accurate data for a project’s planning phase. Let’s take a look at how project managers can plan projects with Tempo Timesheets for JIRA based on historical project data.

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Initiative Now

The Other Benefits of Productivity Tools — It’s Not Always About Output

Initiative NowRead in 4 minutes

Are you missing the big picture when it comes to productivity in your organization? When you invest in a productivity tool, certainly you want to see measurable improvements in the amount of work your team generates. That’s undoubtedly one of the most noted benefits of project management solutions, time-management applications and other tools.

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Room to Read Update: How Tempo Gave Back in 2015

Giving, NewsRead in 4 minutes

Tempo has revealed its Q3 and Q4 starter license sales for 2015. The amount exceeded $11,000, which brings Tempo’s total donations to the Room to Read program to more than $62,000 since our program’s launch in 2010, all thanks to devoted customers.

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Introducing Tempo Folio 10.2: New Features to Benefit Portfolio Management for Enterprises

Tempo FolioRead in 4 minutes

The new 10.2 release for Tempo Folio for JIRA addresses issues common in portfolio management for enterprises dealing with hundreds of projects at one time and benefits users overseeing that data from the top down. The result is an even more customizable Tempo Folio with improved portfolio organization to more easily manage numerous projects. We’ve also …

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How Tempo Planner benefits Agile software teams

This is part of a blog series highlighting how Tempo Planner can empower different teams using JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core. In this blog post we’re going to introduce how Tempo Planner can benefit Agile teams with visual resource and capacity planning for teams, programs, and projects, seamlessly in JIRA.

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Tempo Folio - Tutorial

New Videos: Managing Your Staff with Tempo Folio

How To, Tempo FolioRead in 1 minute

Last month we published a few new Tempo Folio for JIRA videos with the theme Getting Started with Tempo Folio. As promised, we are happy to announce that the next series of videos are up and waiting to be watched. This video series picks up where we left off and goes into depth about how …

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Folio – Tip of the Month

Tempo Folio Best Practices: Simple Ways to Create a Budget

A couple of months ago I wrote a post entitled 5 Ways to Build a Budget Using the Cost Planning Features in Tempo Folio for JIRA. I’d like to expand on that and show how those ways of planning costs I discussed before are also great starting points for creating a budget for your project in general. It’s …

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