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Hiking in Saguenay Fjord National Park: We couldn’t a-‘Fjord’ to miss out!

A good conversation starter or the best way to bring people together is through a common interest -...

6mn read

Are Chat Apps the Project Management Tools of the Future?

Teams undeniably spend a chunk of their day collaborating via chat. The amount of time an employee...

5mn read

Atlassian Summit 2017

It’s been two weeks since we returned from a productive week at the Atlassian Summit 2017 in San...

2mn read

Believe It or Not, Time Tracking and Invoicing Data Is for Everyone

[callout class="tip"]“Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it.” — Marty Rubin,...

3mn read

The Changeable Road to Success: Inside Tempo's Cloud Development

Earlier this year, Björn Guðmundsson - the cloud development team lead at Tempo, took the stage at...

5mn read

Meet the New Log Work Form in Tempo Cloud for JIRA

We like to play a little game call “Haaaaave you met the new log work form?”

Our new log work form...

3mn read

Three Simple Steps for Accurate Customer Invoicing Data with Tempo for JIRA

To those of you who bear the responsibility of generating invoices, we share your sentiment and...

5mn read

Tackling UX Challenges to Create the Tempo for Slack App

Tracking time is hard, but necessary

Teams are often required to track their hours for billing,...

7mn read

How Midori Used the Tempo REST API to Bring Better Exporting Capabilities to Their Customers


We were happy to have the opportunity to speak with Aron Gombas, CEO and Founder at Midori about...

4mn read