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Achieve real business impact with modern Jira time tracking apps

Time tracking is about change and awareness. When we see how time is spent, we can better understand how we can improve our use of it.

Go beyond the data with improved Jira time tracking

We are constantly collecting feedback from our users, customers, and partners, which inspires us to set the vision for the future. Our users want us to focus on improved time tracking, accessible and useful reports, resource planning and project budgeting.

We made the bold move of starting to rebuild our products from the ground up and rethinking and refocusing our products. The focal point is empowering teams to be more productive and thus the launch of “My Work”, where you can plan and track your work, will allow team members to have a clear overview of their work and plans.


Turning data into value

To understand better and impact where time is invested, we built a powerful reporting engine that will enable users to get the right data presented in the right way - when they need it. With multiple filtering and grouping dimensions, and the ability to save, the new reporting engine is built for the future and for continual improvements. 

Good things about change

The core features of Tempo that our users have wished for have constantly been refined and improved on cloud. With Tempo Timesheets 9.0, these features are now fully supported for Jira Server and Data Center.  

In line with the focus, Tempo set out to provide a state of the art resource planning solution for Jira. With help from users, we took the best ideas and set a new vision for Tempo Planner.

You can experience the new resource planning features in Tempo Planner for both Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud.

More precise permission settings

A big part of the feedback came from Jira administrators where their biggest concern was the permission system. The current system was complex and difficult to implement and did not easily support various laws and regulations.

With this in mind, Tempo permissions have been redesigned to allow more control over accessibility and increased granularity. This gives admins flexibility and visibility into permission settings and accessibility to personal data, making it a breeze to comply with increasingly strict laws and regulations.

Tempo features always within reach

Getting around Tempo and staying productive has never been easier. A new navigation and access to features will get the job done faster. There is a simpler presentation and faster load times. In addition, Tempo features in the Jira issue view have been redesigned for a more intuitive experience.  

Looking Ahead

These improvements and product overhaul are only a few of the initiatives that the team is currently working on. There is more to come as we continue to push for a better user experience in Tempo and turn our vision into reality.

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