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Watch Out for These Software Trends in 2017 (Part 2)

Last week, we covered the first three software trends in 2017 to watch out for.

We’ve talked about ChatOps as a collaboration tool, the direction of mobile app development at the workplace, and the increasing adoption of cloud technology in organizations.

This week, let’s roll out Part Two with another three trends to put on your radar in 2017.

#1 Agile is still going strong

If you think agile was just another buzzword in 2016, rest assure that it is not.

Agile adoption is going big this year and it is estimated that more and more teams, including within enterprises, are going to be jumping on the agile bandwagon.

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Even though the agile methodology was intended for small teams, Atlassian’s latest report showed otherwise–84 percent of teams with 150 or more developers said that they operate within the agile framework and methodology.  

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In this article, a study from Udemy shows that agile has also changed the recruiting landscape in which more and more companies are looking for candidates with agile experiences in addition to other soft skills.

#2 The rise of DevOps

While agile continues to grow, 2017 will also be the year for DevOps to rise in software development.

But what is DevOps?

[callout class="tip"]Virtualization is one of the main elements in DevOps. Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, defines DevOps as a journey through improved, quick, and continuous software delivery, that goes well hand-in-hand with the cloud approach.[/callout]


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According to J. Paul Read in Tech Beacon’s article ‘7 DevOps trends to watch in 2017’, this will be the year when DevOps is finally declared stable. It is, therefore, not surprising for DevOps to enjoy its bout of rising popularity in software development.

After all, who wouldn’t want a smoother streamlining process?

#3 It’s the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The time has finally come when robots are taking over the world. No, we’re just kidding!

2017 is going to be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) too.

Language learning is among the five predictions for AI mentioned here by MIT Technology Review. While we still can’t have deep and meaningful conversations with our virtual personal assistants like Siri, Google Home or Alexa on Amazon Echo, it is still a fascinating prospect to be able to complete certain tasks through communicating and interacting with our devices.  

Here is also an example of Google’s AI efforts.

Hit the ‘Search’ button on Google and we’ll find a gazillion articles on how AI will be taking over certain jobs in just a few years. For example, thousands of shipping cartons are already being managed by AI-informed robots at Port Botany in Sydney.


Sure...that thought can seem daunting. But, on the bright side, AI was designed to facilitate positive learning reinforcement and to boost productivity using machine learning. After years of research and development, it’s finally time for it to shine at its brightest.

As always…

Trends come and go. Some may stay longer, while others can be gone in a jiffy. As to which bandwagon to jump on, it still depends on which ones are best suited to the needs of your teams and organization.

Think more trends should go on this list? Tell us more in the comment section below!