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The Importance of Focus

Jacks of all trades are masters of none -- Tempo narrows focus to deliver better products.

Tempo spent the last year using customer feedback to reshape how we work. The core of these changes is the new cloud platform we're implementing right now. (Check out our first post in this series for an overview of these efforts).

Let's take one of the changes mentioned in that first post to discuss further:

We narrowed the focus of our development teams so they can deliver more innovative features.

The importance of focus is nothing new to business.

Quite the opposite, focus on "core business" is a conventional element of success. For example, a software company that uses AWS can devote more time to shipping great software, sooner.

In a similar way, Tempo found opportunities to narrow our focus and thereby improve our products. Most of it comes down to who does what work.

For example, Tempo Timesheets customers have been able to plan time for years. We even added plan approvals a few years ago. However, these features saw no love because we make Tempo Timesheets to track time, not plan it.

Any work our Tempo Timesheets developers do to improve planning in Tempo Timesheets is work they cannot do to improve time tracking in Tempo Timesheets.

[callout class="user"]After much deliberation, Tempo decided to remove most planning features from Tempo Timesheets Cloud. The change allows our Tempo Timesheets team to concentrate their effort on solutions to time tracking.[/callout]

Our customers can still plan time for themselves, but that's the new limit of planning in Tempo Timesheets Cloud. (You can read more about the specific changes here).

There's a silver lining to this story:

Improvements to planning time in Tempo will continue because we also build Tempo Planner.

Indeed our Tempo Planner team has made some significant enhancements in recent months. Now, customers accustomed to planning in Tempo Timesheets can also enjoy these improvements.

The catch?

These new features only come with Tempo Planner.

[callout class="tip"]The good news is our Tempo Planner team added key resource management features to augment planning time:

  • Capacity reporting
  • Workload overview
  • Demand management[/callout]

Tempo Planner is a good value because it is the best JIRA-native resource management tool around. It also integrates with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Budgets to give an end-to-end view of project plans, actuals, and costs.

Give it a spin...

The only way to see whether Tempo Planner can meet your needs is to try it.

We reached out to our current Tempo Timesheets Cloud customers to help get them started. We also started a new webinar series that will provide live demos and Q&A sessions to anyone who wants to learn more about how Tempo Planner works.

Although this change might be inconvenient, we are confident it equips us to build better software.

With our teams focused on their "core business", they can ship great features faster. In the end, that's what Tempo is all about.