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Operational Excellence at Tempo

How we embraced change and continuous improvement to deliver next generation products.

Tempo released our first version of Tempo Timesheets nearly a decade ago. Since then, we've built Tempo Planner, Tempo Budgets, and added over 10,000 customers to our ecosystem.

We owe our success to customers whose valuable feedback helped shape our product vision, and to our talented product teams who used that feedback to build software that empowers our customers.

Throughout our journey, we never stopped listening to our customers. And recently, we noticed some key themes in many of our discussions:

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  • Security: Where is my data, who has access to it, how is it protected?
  • Integrations: How can I integrate Tempo with my other business applications?
  • New features: I need this new feature, how much longer will it take?


These concerns reflect a very different landscape than just a few years ago. Tempo had to make some big changes to stay responsive to our customers:

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  • We strengthened the relationship between our customer and product teams so the voice of the customer never gets lost.
  • We reviewed, tested, and improved our security practices to further protect our customers' data.
  • We completely rebuilt our cloud offerings to reflect the cloud-first, rapid deployment, microservice-oriented demands of modern companies.
  • We narrowed the focus of our development teams so they can deliver even more innovative features.
  • We released a mobile app and started to develop integrations with communication platforms to make Tempo that much easier to use.


We will finish implementing these improvements in the coming months.

Most importantly, we will work with Atlassian to migrate existing Tempo Cloud customers to the new cloud platform (new customers go directly to the new cloud). During this transition, some features will be temporarily unavailable in our new cloud products.

Rest assured, we will do everything possible to migrate customers only when the features they use are fully available in the new cloud.

What's New
Here's a list of what's new in Tempo Cloud.

Our team has spent a lot of time with Atlassian to make sure our customers have a seamless migration experience. This includes backup plans and other procedures to ensure nothing goes wrong, and even if it does, you won't lose any data.

Here's to the next generation of Tempo!

Although daunting, we think our efforts will enable Tempo to continue to deliver world-class solutions that adapt to our customers' changing needs.

Stay tuned to our blog for continued updates!