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Plan Ahead and Leverage the Tempo Mobile App to Make Time Tracking More Accurate, Timely, and Relevant

Let’s admit it, tracking your time can be a tedious task (and sometimes an unpleasant one too). Therefore, we constantly strive to make time tracking as painless as possible.

Tempo Timesheets for JIRA provides many options to log your day in order to appeal to many kinds of jobs and styles of work–including the Tempo Mobile app to track work from any time, in any place, with the least amount of hassle possible.

What can you do with your Tempo Mobile app?

One of the best ways to fully utilize the Tempo Mobile app is to do a little planning ahead of time. Most would argue, actually, that planning ahead sets us up for success and promotes a better use of time no matter what.

If you’re logging work with Tempo Timesheets and still aren’t taking some time to plan, here are just a few more reasons to spend five to ten minutes every day in order to log your time almost automatically.

Add a JIRA issue key to all meetings created in Google Calendar or Office 365

If you’re serious about automating your work logs and also want to make it easier for your team members as well, we suggest integrating this practice into the process of creating a meeting.

Simply add the issue key in brackets to the title of the meeting and if you’ve connected the app with either Google Calendar or Office 365, the meeting will show up in your app. All you have to do is click on it and convert it to a work log. You can also change the amount of time spent, if necessary.

[callout class="tip"]The calendar event title automatically becomes the description of the worklog unless you change it, so make sure to edit it if you’d like a more detailed description.[/callout]

Tempo Mobile Calendar

[callout class="tip"]For a detailed explanation on exactly how to do this, see this tip we wrote about it awhile back.[/callout]

Plan your day

If you are one of those who have a hard time sticking to your plan and even remembering exactly what you did for the day, or possibly the week, here’s one way we can help.

With Google Calendar of Office 365

You can take further advantage of the integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 and plan your whole day from there. Since you can add issues to meetings, you could take that a step further and create meetings for yourself for the tasks you wish to accomplish in the day and add the JIRA issue key.

[tweetme] Open the Tempo Mobile app from you desk, train, or sofa and convert meetings into logged work.[/tweetme]

If the time you spent on certain tasks was a little different than what you had planned, simply edit the time spent.

tempo mobile | change time

With Tempo Timesheets

If your team is not using Tempo Planner to plan time for team members, you can use the planning feature in Tempo Timesheets to plan your own time for the day.

Once you’ve planned time on JIRA issues, those plans will show up in your mobile app in the exact same way as the calendar events and you can simply click on them and convert them to worklogs.

[callout class="tip"]This feature is only available for Tempo Timesheets for JIRA server users.[/callout]

Tempo Timesheets | Plan Time

Convert plans to worklogs in Tempo Planner

For those of you working in a team that uses Tempo Planner for resource management and planning, then I have some great news for you. Ever since the release of Tempo Mobile 1.4 you can automatically convert plans on issues to worklogs.

As always, simply click the plan you’d like to log work on and then click convert to worklog at the bottom.

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