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What's New in Tempo Mobile


Work is no longer associated with a physical place one needs to go to, it is something we do. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime without sitting at our desks the entire day is becoming more of a reality for most of us.

With the Tempo mobile app, users are able to track and report their time on the go in Tempo Timesheets and JIRA from a single screen showing logged hours, past and upcoming Calendar events.   

We’ll never miss a beat anymore!  What's new on Tempo Mobile?

The calendar view at your forefront

With this release, we’ve shipped some new features and improvements to the app calendar view to make it even more intuitive.

You can now see how your day is going with a new daily required progress bar, below the calendar.  

One of the app’s most popular features (and which we at Tempo love) is the ability to convert calendar events into worklogs. In addition to Google calendar integration, you can also integrate Office 365 calendar with the app as introduced in version 1.2. Now, depending on your response to calendar events, the card becomes condensed if declined.


Further UI improvements and bug fixes

  • Updated and improved feedback view: Submitting feedback is now simpler for users with less fields
  • JIRA authentication update: JIRA cloud users are no longer logged out of desktop mode when they use the app and vice versa
  • Timezone fix: Timezone information is stripped when Tempo Mobile posts a worklog and uses Tempos UTC offset instead


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Oh, and one more thing…

Also new on Tempo mobile is a new notification sound, especially made for Tempo by our very own designer. When users get a notification, the app uses a custom sound that is easily identifiable. You will know where the notification came from without having to look at your device.

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