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Webinar Recording | What’s new in Tempo Timesheets 8.0 and Tempo Mobile 1.2?

What’s new in Tempo Timesheets 8.0 and Tempo Mobile 1.2?

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar highlighting Tempo Timesheets 8.0, our biggest release to date. The webinar covered what's new in Tempo Timesheets 8.0 release, plus the highlights from Tempo mobile 1.2 release. New features included team utilization reporting, more accurate accounting and expense reports, custom price tables, enhanced billing support for teams working with customers, and also improvements to the worklog calendar and timesheet approval process.

We were really happy to have so many participants and hope you enjoyed it and got answers to your questions. Below we have the Q&A from the webinar, plus the questions we weren't able to answer. For those of you unable to attend, here’s a recording of the webinar in full:


Q&A Session

Is there a solution for the Tempo App, if we use "Worklog Attribute"s with required parameters?

The Tempo mobile app does support the worklog attributes since the Tempo Timesheets 8.0 release - if you are having trouble with the worklog attributes, you should contact our support.

How do you associate a price table to a project?

Price Tables are used when an account is associated with JIRA issues. Accounts can be linked to one or many JIRA projects. The projects can be included in the imported file if the accounts are created with any of the Accounts Import features. More here.  Users with Manage Accounts permission can link accounts to projects in the Links page displayed in Account Configuration for the selected account. You link the project to an account and manage the price rates on the account itself. Price tables are connected to accounts and accounts are connected to projects.

How do you associate a resource in a price table to the resource working on project?

It depends on the team role. The rate can be changed for each role in the list. The default rate will be used for team members without roles. How to create teams and team roles?

Do you have different price tables for revenues and costs, what we charge client vs. what we pay?

No, currently we have one price table per account. The rates defined in price tables are used to calculate revenue in the account revenue report and the time and expenses report, for each account. Cost rates are not available for now but feedback is welcome into the discussion.

If a user is part of multiple team, how does the timesheet approval work?

This is one of the most highly requested features, and it has been on the roadmap for quite some time. The current timesheet approval process is that we are approving the whole timesheet of a user. What this question is probably referring to, is the ability to approve a project, and that is something that we are looking into and will implement eventually. Its not completely decided on the roadmap now since its a rather complicated feature and we are gathering data from customers on how we can implement this.

Is mobile app freely available with the account?

Tempo Mobile is completely free and can be used with both JIRA cloud and JIRA server.

Can you set time periods for when time is invoiced, are those specific time records flagged as having been invoiced?

No, not yet but it is on the roadmap. 

How does reporting roll up to a project/large effort with multiple teams (not JIRA Project)? Or an EPIC. Does this integrate with Tempo Planner to estimate costs for planning?

Tempo Timesheets price rates do not integrate currently with Tempo Planner. This is certainly a feature we are looking into implementing.

For existing timesheet users, will pricing change with these updates?

No, this does not affect the price with existing licenses. However, when customers renew or upgrade their licenses the price has increased. See more about the new prices here.

Can we use more than one account for a JIRA project?

Yes, accounts can be linked to one or many JIRA projects. The account is selected in the issue, you can select a default account which will be the account when creating a issue but you can always select an different account.

Is it possible to change a worklog on a JIRA issue? Billable/Non-billable or account/category.

Yes, as long as the period is still open. You can edit and change the worklog.

Will we be able to create our own Time Periods (something different than at a month)?

Currently this is not possible, you can only define monthly periods in Tempo Timesheets. However, we have designed improvement to this feature allowing flexible period management supporting both calendar periods e.g. weekly - biweekly - monthly periods, also for custom accounting periods. This is in a user testing face, so if you are interesting in participating, please let us know.

How are issues tied to categories?

Accounts are linked to JIRA projects and accounts are chosen within the issue, with a custom field. When the issues have been connected to the account (through the JIRA project), the account is linked to a category.

Adding expenses to Tempo Timesheets, are functions available through the API?

No, there is currently not a rest API for expenses. The goal is to provide rest API for all features.

Account project budget is 10h but the developer spent 12h. How can the account manager set the invoice to 10h without changing the Issue logged time?

That would be billable hours, this is a global setting in Tempo Timesheets - global configuration, to get a field for billable hours. You can log time spent on a issue and how many hours are billable. Its two separate fields. We would like improve this feature in accordance with the accounts and account category types, and we are currently working on it.

Can Tempo work with Portfolio for JIRA Teams?

No, they are not integrated.

In this webinar, you talked about an integration with Outlook Calendar (TT-1960) in Tempo Timesheets 8.0. Have you got any information about this integration?

The integration is available for the mobile app we offer at tempo.io/mobile, where you can convert calendar events into registered JIRA worklogs.

Are there upgrades to Tempo Planner?

There are no upgrades to Tempo Planner being made in sync with Tempo Timesheets. We are of course continuously working on improving Planner and we frequently release new versions.

For the currency in the pricing tables; Are you going to allow for different currencies for different tables?

Yes, its on our roadmap. Currently, all price tables have the same currency but you can choose which currency you prefer.

Can you list exactly what features will be available on the cloud version and when will this be published?

Yes we can, and we are working on it. It will be published.

Some mobile apps available on the market allow to see data regardless of the permissions set for the logged in user - are you going to deal with it ?

We can only speak for ourselves, our app, we aim to respect all permission set in JIRA and we have to do it for privacy reasons. If you want some information to be available to other users, you would have to change your permission settings for the worklogs.

Will you allow in Timesheet to switch view between planned and logged time?

Currently this is displayed in the same view - we are planning a lot for the planned view. What we are working on now, is adding the planned time into the worklog calendar, where users will see their planned time and easily change that to worklogs. We do not have a timeline for this.

Does the mobile app support required fields like Billable? I know it didn't at launch

For now, Tempo Mobile does support billable hours, however they are not user editable. Billable hours if required are sent with the same amount of hours as the duration.

Does a change to the Price Table change hours that were previous logged?

Yes for now. We are discussing that it might be offered to change effective date later.

Will the mobile app be available for windows phones?

Availability for Windows Mobile is not currently on our roadmap, but we're keeping an eye on the demand for WM versions of the Tempo mobile app and how we can support it.

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