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Sticking it to the man at Tempo Office Olympics 2016

The vision of returning to the office after vacation and the reality usually have very little in common.

What’s the first thing you think about when you get back to work after summer vacation?

  • “I just can’t wait for routine!”
  • “It just feels so good being back!”
  • “I can’t believe summer is over...”

Well, here at Tempo we just love routine, and that’s why we stick to things that we like and are fun.

Last year, Tempo’s staff association, Time Out, decided to welcome all Templings back (and say goodbye to our summer interns at the same time) by throwing a fun and friendly team competition, Tempo Office Olympics.

Photo 12.8.2016, 17 03 18

After work on a Friday in August, an informal opening ceremony of the Tempo Office Olympics 2016 took place at our headquarters in Reykjavik. The Tempo team was divided into five different teams participating in different office-related competitions. Also, it felt appropriate to have our own version of the Olympics in honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro taking place at the same time.

First up, was the renowned category “Stick it to the man”, where Post-It notes played the leading role. Team members had to stick as many of them on one lucky team member’s body, and had one minute to do so. This was all about strategy, and of course we will try to re-use most of the notes. Tempo loves nature.

Photo 12.8.2016, 16 36 54

Second, was the “Paper clip necklace” contest, where each team had 30 seconds to make the longest chain of paper clips. Stressful yes, easy no.

Photo 12.8.2016, 16 52 25

Two new competitions were introduced this year, “The typewriter” and “Click it!”. The typewriter involved one member of each team, which had one minute to type unknown text. The fastest and most accurate typist won this round and we saw some amazing and breathtaking typewriting. Next was the mouse click contest and again, one selected team member with the most limber index finger from each team, had to click a computer mouse as often as possible in only 25 seconds. No mice were harmed during this event. 

Photo 12.8.2016, 17 04 26

And over to the most exciting event of them all; “The chair race”. We used one of our hallways as a lane, and the rule and objective was to get a team of four across and back by only using your feet. One team was so overwhelmed by the whole thing that one team member fell flat on the floor. We think he’s still there.

Photo 12.8.2016, 18 06 38

After indulging on some pizza and calculating the score, the judges realized that there was a tie! Therefore, the top two teams had to compete in one last event; “Tempo-pong”. Basically, it’s just normal beer pong with extremely strict rules. After a very exciting match, we had a winner! The winning team received a golden trophy that will travel between desks until next year. Congratulations winners!

Photo 12.8.2016, 19 12 55

We highly recommend these kinds of events at every workplace to both boost morale and change the office into a fun environment.

Photo 12.8.2016, 19 32 00

See you at Tempo Office Olympics 2017!