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Tempo Celebrates Girls in ICT Day

April 28th was the International Girls in ICT Day and Tempo celebrated this worldwide event for the second time by inviting 25 eager teenage school girls to our headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland to experience a day in the life of tech.

The Girls in ICT initiative is a global effort to raise awareness on empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the ICT (information and communications technology) industry. In addition to that, the initiative aims to raise awareness among parents, teachers and others influences in girls’ lives.

It is a great opportunity for the girls to expand their horizons and for us to change attitudes among young people about the tech sector. Last year, more than 66,000 girls and young women took part in over 1,800 celebrations of International Girls in ICT Day in over 130 countries worldwide.

Working like a Scrum team

Our young visitors received a tour of our headquarters and were then offered some refreshments while listening to short lectures from our women at Tempo, learning about their different roles at the organization and their choice to pursue a career in tech.  

A huge success was the Ball Point Game - a lesson on how scrum teams work together. Each participant showed great focus and creativity during the whole process and  gained insights on how to be successful in a tech role in the future.

They were joined by their school counselor and this is what she had to say about the visit:

The girls really enjoyed their visit to Tempo and they all agreed that it was great. They liked the tour around the office and the refreshments. The introduction about the different roles at Tempo was very interesting and they were a bit surprised about the fact that they didn’t only get to hear about tech jobs. They realised that you can have all sorts of education while working in tech, from marketing to engineering. They were thrilled about the ball game and agreed that they learned a valuable thing: collaboration. It's good to have someone with experience on your team, and you have to believe in your own ideas, have courage to present them, and listen to others.








Thanks, girls, for a lovely visit. We hope to see you again in the future! Also, a special thanks to the organizers of the local event, Reykjavik University, Ský – the Icelandic Computer Society, and the Federation of Icelandic Industries.