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One Surprisingly Compelling Reason to Track Time

A healthy work-life balance.

Time is our most precious yet undervalued resource. We talk a lot about time management, but forget the concept when projects start to pile on just to ensure customer satisfaction. However, what about the wellbeing of our team members?

The idea of time tracking can feel like a tedious task for most people. For some, it can also feel like they are being scrutinized. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are several benefits of fostering a culture of time tracking which in turn leads to a more productive and happier working environment.


#1 Keeping teams in sync with realistic expectations

Let’s face it, we are often faced with the challenge of having to balance project requests and limited resources.

It is already hard enough to keep a project in-check without missing project budgets and deadlines. But it is harder to maintain happy clients without the cost of burned out team members. It is not uncommon to over-promise a deadline or underestimate the amount of work effort needed for a project especially if we are not aware of the actual situation in the team.

Teams that track time with a time tracking software gain better visibility over what others are working on and maintain realistic expectations about what the team is capable of doing. Quantifiable data allows for more accurate and efficient forecasting during the planning phases, which is crucial to keep clients happy without the expense of our team’s well-being.


#2 Avoid work overload

With resource constraints, it is easy to put unrealistic burdens on team members even when they already have their plates full. By gaining accurate data on all work efforts, it allows for better allocation at minimal, or without, additional costs.

Gaining accurate data on all work efforts not only provides better visibility and insights into which activities are delivering value, the outcome of all projects across the organization, and whether work initiatives across teams are strategically aligned and aimed at growth, it also allows project teams to request additional project resources when needed.

Proper resource allocation lowers the risks of additional unforeseeable costs and work overload. Apart from that, it lowers the risk of losing some really good team members due to the exhaustion from overworking.


#3 Improve efficiency

Time tracking is fundamentally about awareness: when we know how we spend our time, we can take the initiative to improve our use of it. It also means that teams have a better understanding of how long certain types of work efforts take them, which increases the likelihood of project success and helps to plan and forecast future projects.

Utilizing time tracking software also means facing the reality that not all goals can or should be made a current priority (that’s okay), and ensuring that teams aren’t pushed too hard as a result of insufficient management. That can lead to deteriorating morale and employee attrition.

With a better understanding of how all teams can ultimately benefit from logging their work centrally in JIRA, project teams can see focus, purpose, transparency, and structure, which are the building blocks for  initiatives aimed at  improvement and growth.


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Without teams — and a company culture that fosters a healthy work-life balance — we can forget about growth. Using the right time tracking software, like Tempo, tracking time spent on work can provide accurate data on different types of work performed, like R&D, expenditures, and time spent working on client projects for customer billing can help build a more productive and happier working environment.

It doesn’t have to be all work and no play!

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