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Get teams productive with Tempo Mobile

Our day-to-day lives are constantly being shaped by new technology. These days, people book their hotels, control their finances, order take-out and do their shopping from their mobile device. These trends from our personal lives are converging into the workplace. With millennials now making up the majority of the workplace, and being the most active mobile users, this trend comes hardly as a surprise.

The era of traditional office hours and brick-and-mortar businesses are evolving to asynchronous work schedules and remote offices. Work is no longer a physical place one needs to go to, but rather, it is something you do. Work mobility, i.e. the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device is becoming more and more important trait to employees.

People systematically undervalue their time. Yet it is the scarcest resource which cannot (yet) be replenished. While many feel that time tracking is something they could do without, the proper software tools can make the difference as to whether you’re making and innovating, utilizing your time and your team’s time most effectively, or whether you aren’t. There are a number of added reasons why your teams should be tracking their time. On any given day, teams are working on variety of different tasks. Some days you might be on top of what your teams are doing, but on the more hectic days, you may not have a clue.

Tracking time helps to improve productivity by clearly showing you where and how your team’s time is being spent, i.e., which tasks eat up time only to keep your team from duties that are more important, and help you identify areas of improvements. It helps teams leverage the most productive time of day, and gives you more accurate estimates when planning for the future. By tracking time, people gain the discipline needed to stay focused on the work that matters most.

Combining the aforementioned trends and time tracking might seem like a challenge, this is where Tempo Timesheets and Tempo’s mobile app can help. Tempo’s mobile app is Tempo Timesheets with an added twist, enabling you and your teams to manage and track time anyplace, anytime on your mobile device. It integrates seamlessly with Tempo Timesheets (7.13 or later) for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server, and can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS. Tempo’s mobile app also connects to Google Calendar, where users can reply to event invites and quickly convert calendar events to JIRA worklogs. Your teams can immediately get started and realize the benefits of knowing how project time is being spent. With this data, you’re armed with information on how organizational initiatives are progressing and on how efforts can be improved.

Now it's time to get your teams more productive with Tempo Mobile!

Here are some of the features the Tempo mobile app has to offer:

Users are able to manage and track their time from a single screen showing logged hours, past and upcoming Calendar events.
Tempo mobile 1

Users can easily log their work to specific issues, view assigned and recent issues, as well as bookmark the issues frequently worked on.
Tempo mobile 3Tempo Mobile 3

Get a clear overview how many hours are left to work for a specific period.

Tempo mobile 4

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