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A Children’s Book in Honor of Tempo by Room to Read!

At the beginning of this year, the Tempo staff voted on a country where Room to Read would publish a book in honor of Tempo and we went with Nepal.

Hence, the birth of Mom Became Happy in Nepali.


When a little boy sees a banana on the table, he decides to eat it. But when his mother notices that the banana is missing, he becomes worried. What if he is in trouble? Should he tell the truth about what happened to the banana?

Written by local author, Krishna Dip Sigdel, the story of Mom Became Happy was brought to life by Ubahang Limbu with his beautiful and heartwarming illustrations.

We were so thrilled to flip through it when we received our copy of the book at the Tempo office! A few of us even had difficulties putting it down.

The first print of the book counts 5,000 copies and is distributed in Room to Read libraries and schools in Nepal.

Tempo donates all proceeds from our Tempo’s Starter License Program - $10 for 10-user starter licenses for JIRA Server to Room to Read. This year, the total donation from for Q1 and Q2 stands at $11,183, which brings the total amount donated to $73,017 as of today.