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The worldwebforum 2015 Recap

Last week San Francisco met Zürich and needless to say members of the Tempo team were there. The worldwebforum 2015 is an event hosted by our partner beecom in Zürich, Switzerland. This year at the main event the keynote speaker was the Co-Founder of Apple Computer Steve Wozniak, which was one of the highlight of this event. The schedule was outstanding and beecom did a good job organizing the event and the speakers presented on behalf of world known companies. After the main event, Tempo participated in two separate scheduled events.

Tempo for JIRA A welcome note from Fabian Hediger CEO of beecom

Tempo for JIRA Steve Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple Computer


Tempo was the proud sponsor of the Atlassian Satellite Event where our VP of Product Management and Design, Viðar Svansson, presented on “Getting More Out of JIRA With Tempo for Agile Project and Portfolio Management“. It's great for us to have the opportunity to meet and greet our customers, and potential customers. Viðar's presentation was very successful and attracted a lot of fellow agile enthusiasts.


Before the Satellite Event, the team facilitated two Tempo workshops at beecom's offices. The first workshop took place before launch featuring Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books. In the afternoon Tempo Planner and Tempo Folio workshop was held. Workshops' participation was everything we hoped it would be. We have gotten some requests about workshop recordings but unfortunately the sessions weren't recorded. However, we would like to point to Tempo's training space.  There you will find tutorials and webinar recordings. If you have any further requests and questions, please contact us.

Workshops-at-worldwebforum Sandra, our Channels Manager, at the workshop

Overall, our team at the worldwebforum had a big smile on their faces and were happy with the whole event. Tempo believes that collaboration, brainstorming, and sharing ideas leads to overall better success. That is why our partners and customers are important to us and we seize every opportunity to teach and learn. Zürich is a very beautiful city and Ágúst, Sandra and Viðar were able to explore the city a bit before heading back to Iceland.

Tempo For JIRA Sandra and Viðar

Tempo FOR JIRA Viðar and Ágúst CEO of Tempo