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Webinar Recording: What's New in Tempo Planner 3.1 for JIRA release?

Last week we broadcasted a short webinar for Tempo Planner in light of our upcoming 3.1 release. We provided a short introduction to Tempo and Tempo Planner, demoed what's new in our 3.1 release, discussed our future roadmap, and answered attendees' questions. We were happy to see how many of you were able to attend the webinar and hope that you found it useful!

Below is a full recording of the Tempo Planner webinar can be found here below:


Top Q&A

1. How is the Team Board different from the board already in JIRA?

This board can be everything it wants, that's the main difference. You don’t have to choose if it’s a Kanban board or scrum board. With the Team Board you’re able to see everything that the team is working on or you can just focus on the sprint at hand. You’ll also be able to see the workload of the sprint if you’re filtering it by a sprint. Also we want to have a forecasted timeline for the issues so we can take the issues on the board that have already have been assigned and forecast them whether it being just an iteration or just for the regular non-timeboxed planning.

2.  My team loves and uses your time tracker tool. Sometimes we are forced to multi-task. Do you have plans to add the ability to start and pause multiple time trackers at once so I can pause one while I move over to a production issue and then log the time once that task is completed and return to the original task?

This is a Tempo Timesheets feature and one that is highly requested by our users. As of now this is not supported in our current Tempo Timesheets version. We value feedback and comments on how we can make Tempo better. Tempo product owners are reviewing all requests for Tempo products and if the request is within the scope of the roadmap it is transitioned from the Needs Triage status. Other users with similar requests can vote on these issues and contribute by adding comments that will help Tempo developers implement the request. Please feel free to vote on the issue here if you’d like to see multiple trackers in Tempo Timesheets: https://tempoplugin.jira.com/browse/TT-10

3. If you plan vacation in planner will it show up in Tempo Timesheets

Vacation planning in Tempo Planner is currently not available, this is however something which we have on our future roadmap and our customers can expect this feature in our upcoming releases. Once Vacation Planning has been implemented, then yes, vacation planning will be viewable in both Planner and Timesheets. Stay tuned to our blog for latest updates on Tempo releases.

At Tempo, we value our customer feedback greatly and always aim to provide solutions for challenges that we and our customers face. We'd like to point to Tempo’s training space, there you will find tutorials and webinar recordings for all of our Tempo products. If you have any further requests or questions, feel free to contact us.