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The Future of Team Collaboration 2015

An exclusive one day event with industry and thought leaders from across the globe.

The Future of Team Collaboration 2015

Our Atlassian Expert partners, Clearvision, are now preparing for their biggest event up till now "The future of team collaboration" held December 2nd, 2015 in London, right next to the King's Cross Station. As companies in every industry are facing more disruption now,  how will they stay ahead of the competition? Clearvision's enterprise clients have been talking a lot about how times are changing as very traditional companies are being disrupted by new start-ups. As independent software experts, Clearvision is often asked for solutions to a series of wide-ranging challenges. But how are these start-ups doing this? The answer is they're agile, more adaptive, smaller and work quicker than these bigger organizations. They are evolving a little faster than both your competition and the market and now it's mandatory to participate in this new economy. The biggest challenge today is getting teams around the globe to communicate better.

How can we beat that? How can we be ready for a new start up, which is about to disrupt your industry? What is agile and how does that work? This is an event that brings insightful and inspiring talks and market leading solutions to those looking for answers.

Two reasons why it's important that you don't miss this event. The first is, we know for certain that the tools used for work based collaboration are changing. Your team could be so much more effective than it is now, probably by double % figures. Give us one day to show you how. It's an event packed full of industry experts. This is your opportunity to listen to industry leaders talk about the tools of the future. Watch interactive demonstrations and immerse yourself in the future of technology with this innovative iPad conference. These technological changes are happening now. It's essential for your business that you are not left behind.

More information here, the agenda, how to purchase tickets, and everything you need to know about this event. This is a must go-to-event for all business owners and senior managers. We surely recommend it!

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