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How Do Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner Work Even Better Together?

This is part of a blog series highlighting how Tempo's suite of solutions for JIRA work better together to empower teams to create, improve, and deliver on time and on budget.

Atlassian’s JIRA is a project and issue tracking software platform that enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to:

  • Capture and organize issues
  • Assign work
  • Help teams get the job done

Whether teams are working in new product development or offering professional services, they should look into JIRA to maximize their efforts.

Seamless tracking with Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner

JIRA is a great product, and a great product deserves great add-ons. This is where Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner come in, two products that greatly enhance JIRA for agile resource management and planning and painless time tracking seamlessly within the JIRA platform. Together, they provide a comprehensive and scalable solution for all your business needs.


Motivations and Challenges of Business Growth

In today’s fast paced business environment, even an incremental improvement in efficiency and team collaboration may be the push that helps you overtake the competition. But what are the challenges facing businesses in New Product Development (NPD) and Professional Services Automation (PSA)?

Whether you’re a software product development team or building solutions for customers, you face similar challenges.

Developing a new product can be a monumental task, and if a team isn’t using a powerful project management tool to keep track of their projects and processes, then the complexity can quickly overwhelm the team.

[callout class="tip"]It’s essential for an organization to have the right infrastructure to support the development of new products. Transparency and collaboration are key factors to ensure that teams are delivering products on time and on budget.[/callout]

Many enterprises conduct their operations worldwide and across different regions with team members working in distributed teams. Effective communications between these teams are crucial because inefficiencies related to communication difficulties can end up costing an organization time and money.

However, NPD teams must go through several stages in the development process like designing, testing, and releasing. This process can be costly and complex if the right tools and processes aren’t adopted. The aim should be to enable you to build the highest quality product for your customer.

[tweetme]The combination of Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets helps you adapt to the ebb and flow needed in product development.[/tweetme]

Gaining Transparency and Client Satisfaction

PSA businesses face additional challenges of their own. A PSA has many interrelated functions that are needed to ensure a successful project delivery and client satisfaction. Resource management, project management, billing, and reporting are frequently divided between multiple systems which can result in inefficient resource allocation, redundant manual processes, and lack of overview for the business.

In the PSA world, it’s critical for businesses to have a centralized tool that can take care these needs, as even the smallest mistake can prove costly.

[callout class="user"]Accurate customer billing is a crucial factor, especially when it comes to maintaining prosperous customer relationships. Clients often need or desire transparent information and to be able to access account data in real time. They need to be assured that you will deliver within contract scopes, on schedules, and on budget.[/callout]

The ultimate goal of any PSA enterprise is to keep employees happy, meet project deadlines and budgets, and keep track of how people and efforts are being distributed within the organization.

Overcoming the Challenges of Business Growth and Combining Tempo Solutions for Even Greater Efficiency


Adapt and Plan Strategically for the Future

Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets together provide a centralized solution that addresses the basic needs of any business in one central platform, reducing the need for external tools beyond JIRA.

Together the products form an all-in-one solution that enables you to manage product teams directly within their JIRA instance, freeing them from tedious and imprecise spreadsheets and other ad-hoc tools.
[callout class="user"]

  • Take control of work and project complexity
  • Prioritize efforts better
  • Finish projects on time
  • Flexibly manage teams and organizational efforts
  • Adapt as needed to deliver value to your organization and your customers.


With Tempo Planner, you can reduce the complexity of building solutions for your customer. You can visually create and plan for timeboxes on a timeline and get a clear idea how team effort is being utilized. The timeline enables granular planning by projects, versions, and epics to best suit type of business and the work at hand.

You get a detailed overview for team capacity and allocation in real-time with tools like the Team Capacity Report and manage your teams and resources centrally and transparently with the Program Timeline. Monitor your project status and make sure your teams are delivering quality products on time and on budget with Tempo Planner.


Team members timeline in Tempo Planner

Risk indicators visually graph project progress and help you identify issues, and react before they escalate. The kanban-like functions of the Program Board show you an estimate in story points or hours for an item and visual indicators of whether they are at risk of going over budget or already over the allocated budget.

[callout class="tip"]Having the ability to identify risks and over-allocations before they get out of hand, and immediately react to them before they escalate is essential for any business.[/callout]

Track Work Efforts Across Your Teams

Keeping track of how your team is spending its time is an important aspect of team and project management — the things that get measured are the things that get done. When you track time, you are given healthy dose of unfettered truth.

For most of us, time tracking is more about making every hour count than it is about counting every hour. [tweetme]Time tracking is not just about awareness; it’s about change.[/tweetme]

When you realize how you spend your time, it makes it clear where your team’s priorities are — or ought to be — and it shows you how you might better match that time to your priorities.

Tempo Timesheets adds flexible time tracking capabilities to JIRA, which help our users reduce inaccuracies for customer billing, internal salary calculations, and capitalization measurement.


A user timesheet in Tempo Timesheets

Timesheets also compliments JIRA with powerful reporting features which empower teams to gain insight into accounts, workflow, resource shortages, cost and profit centers, and more.

With those features you can report on team members, projects, customer accounts, or issues and get a breakdown of billable hours for the entire team to export them for invoicing. These reports help keep teams stay on schedule and can also be used for future projections regarding team resources.

[callout class="user"]Managing distributed teams can be a real hassle with employees working different work schedules. With Tempo’s adaptable workload and holiday schemes enable businesses to easily manage workflows, keeping everyone in sync.[/callout]

Simplify your account management processes with Tempo Timesheets, use it for:

  • Customer billing
  • Tracking internal costs
  • Employee payroll
  • Measuring project capitalization
  • Budgeting.

Roll-up internal and customer account information, improve communication, efficiency, and transparency. Tempo Timesheets helps you make the best strategic decisions for your business and investments.

The more Tempo add-ons you use, the more value added to their functionality and the wealth of data at your team’s disposal grows.

[callout class="tip"]While Tempo Timesheets offers resource planning capabilities for JIRA issues and activities, Tempo Planner allows for greater flexibility for your day-to-day planning and project management needs, sharing information with Tempo Timesheets so your teams can focus on their tasks at hand.[/callout]

Keep your team and your clients happy. Manage your resources in real-time and deliver on time and on budget with this unbeatable Tempo duo.


Tempo is Adapted to Your Role

Together Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets can be used on all levels of the organization. Whether you’re a team member working on the next revolutionizing software or a CEO focusing on company growth, you’ll find value in Tempo.

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Combining the Powers of Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner

Paired together, Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets help you plan for the road ahead and track the road traveled.

They grant you a better organizational overview, accurate forecasting, improved resource management, flexible reporting, increased transparency, and seamless time tracking to help you manage your business past and strategically plan for the future.

Get visual, flexible, central planning with the ability to track on those planned work efforts to effectively measure results, see how efforts spent, and plan ahead.

Better together

If you are tracking for a team while operating without the insight and clarity of an agile resource and capacity planning tool right in your JIRA instance, then you enjoy a great overview of the team’s utilization in last period, but may lack the ability to plan effectively for your teams for the upcoming epics, projects, and iterations by taking advantage of lessons learned.

[callout class="tip"]Tempo Planner enables you to act on the data gained from Tempo Timesheets and improve team planning and collaboration.[/callout]

[tweetme]Planning without a reliable way of tracking time leaves you vulnerable to wasted resources and billing errors.[/tweetme]

Pairing Tempo Planner with Tempo Timesheets allows you to complete the picture and take full advantage of the big picture overview.  And the work planned for in Tempo Planner and JIRA can easily be turned into tangible, quantifiable worklog data, which can be used to determine where change is needed.

These exceptional solutions are ideal for SME's and large-scale distributed enterprises and Tempo’s flexible pricing options are sure to reflect the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

The JIRA data center ensures flexibility and high availability for businesses hosting applications in their own data center ensuring that our largest enterprise customers are not without our mission-critical time tracking, planning, budgeting, and portfolio management solutions.

All of our Tempo product are available for a free 30-day trial at the Atlassian Marketplace.

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