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Tempo Timesheets 7.14 has arrived! New and Improved Worklog Calendar user interface, configurable Suggestions Sidebar, and more...

In our Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release for JIRA, we’ve completely overhauled the user interface of the Worklog Calendar, and are introducing a configurable Suggestions Sidebar to enable team members to tailor information to better suit their needs. For this release, we based these updates on substantial user feedback from our users; below are some of the highlights of this release.

Worklog Calendar improvements for enhanced efficiency and easy overviews in JIRA

We’re proud to introduce a whole new and improved user interface for the Worklog Calendar, one of the most frequent requests we got from our users, was to have an expanded view of their work week. Therefore we’ve updated the worklog calendar view from a 3-day view to a weekly view.

This view is accessible in Tempo’s User Timesheet view, where team members can get a quick overview of their logged work for the dates displayed, and to log their work more efficiently, accessing relevant JIRA information from one central view.


On the right, we have added a new suggestion section called 'My Activities' to the suggestions sidebar, which displays suggestions based on filtering user activities from the JIRA Activity stream. This enables team members to easily track their latest activities, thereby reducing the time it takes to find issues that users have been working on.

These suggestions are configurable, and all of the Suggestion Cards can be dragged, dropped, and copied into the calendar canvas.


Team members can configure which suggestion sections they would like to see, tailor the view to suit their needs. This eliminates the guesswork of determining the tasks and stories you’ve been working on. Simply track your work in one easy-to-use view.

This release also includes a number of additional improvements and fixes. Check out the full Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release notes for more information.

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Download or JIRA Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Tempo Timesheets integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo PlannerTempo Folio, and Tempo Books add-on for enhanced planning, financial, and portfolio management.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Timesheets with each release. Please keep your feedback coming so we can make it even better!