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Tempo Timesheets 7.13 has just been released! New features in the Worklog Calendar, Improved period management, new REST API’s, and more...

Our Tempo Timesheets team has been working hard through the last couple of sprints to deliver Tempo Timesheets 7.13 release for JIRA. Following our last release, which introduced our users to the new Worklog Calendar, the team has focused their efforts on improving it and tackling other low hanging fruits that have been highly requested by our customer. This version of Tempo Timesheets introduces new features in the Worklog Calendar, new REST API’s, and improvements to the Period Management, among other things.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this new Tempo Timesheets 7.13 release:

New features in the Worklog Calendar

For this feature we’ve focused on making the user experience of logging work with the Worklog Calendar even easier than before. We’ll continue to improve in the next iterations and users can expect great things in the future from this feature.

Moving worklogs between days

The Worklog Calendar now allows users to move existing worklogs between days of a selected period in the Calendar Canvas using the drag-and-drop method. It couldn’t be more easier, just simply click on the worklog in question and drag it to the date you want to move it to. Finally release the mouse button and voilà! The worklog has been moved to the target date.


Copying worklogs

The ability to copy worklogs has also been added so users can now copy their worklogs in a easy and convenient way. This feature is a definite time saver for users who are logging multiple hours on the same issues.

To copy a worklog within dates on the Calendar canvas, take the following steps:

  1. Press Ctrl button, hover over the worklog and click the mouse button (use the cmd button on a Mac)
  2. Drag the selected worklog to the date you want to move to
  3. Release the mouse button and the worklog has been copied to the target date.
  4. Update the fields to complete your worklog if needed.
  5. Click Save if you are done or Cancel to close without saving.

Billed hours field now available

The billed hours field can now be displayed in the Log Work Form in the Worklog Calendar. This feature can be useful for users who are working in an professional services environment or organizations in general who want keep track of their billed hours.Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 16.12.56

To enable this features a Tempo Admin has to configure it in the Tempo Administration section through the Global Configuration.

Reporting feedback on the Worklog Calendar

Since the Worklog Calendar is still a fairly new feature in Tempo Timesheets we’ve received all sorts of valuable feedback from various customers. We’re constantly trying to create a better user experience and ultimately a better product for our customers. If you have any feedback on the Worklog Calendar, please let us know by clicking the Report feedback button located in the top-right corner of the calendar.date-navigation

Period Management

We’ve made adjustments to our period management capabilities, so Tempo Admins can now view periods that exceed one year. The Period Management is used by Tempo Admins to control when users can log work on issues on a certain dates. Tempo Admins can now easily navigate between previous years with the new drop-down list, which allows them to open up previously closed periods in order to fix older worklogs, for example. The navigation is located in the top-right corner of the Period Management section in the Tempo Administration.period-management

Learn more about the Period Management in Tempo Timesheets.


Last but not least are our REST API’s for Tempo Timesheets, which we’ve improved in recent releases. We’re proud to announce that the Timesheets team has created new REST API’s for Timesheet Approvals and the User Schedule. The Tempo REST API’s are designed for developers who want to integrate Tempo add-ons. The REST API is a standard interface for interacting with the Tempo modules. Learn more about Tempo’s REST API’s here.

This release also includes other smaller improvements and fixes in Tempo Timesheets. Check out the full Tempo Timesheets 7.13 release notes for more information.

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA download or JIRA Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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We value customer feedback and aim to provide solutions for challenges that we and our customer face. If you have an idea regarding how we can make Tempo Timesheets better, please create an issue so other users can vote on it here.


Tempo Timesheets integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Planner and Tempo Budgets add-on for enhanced planning, financial, and portfolio management. With Tempo, you can customize our solutions to align with your specific organizational needs.