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How does Tempo fit in with the Spectrum Stack?

This is a guest post from Joseph Ford, Digital Marketing Manager at Clearvision.

The idea behind Spectrum is a simple one. Software developers want to use the best tools, follow the most efficient process and ultimately ship quality code quickly.

Moving away from clunky, single vendor solutions, Spectrum provides one platform with multiple “best of breed” tools - from JIRA to Jenkins to Tempo.

The decision to add Tempo Timesheets to the Spectrum toolbox was an easy one. For starters, the Clearvision teams use Timesheets to track the development of Spectrum!

What does Tempo bring to Spectrum?

The Spectrum ALM framework means organisations can meet the challenges of the fast-paced technology world head on with an agile, scalable solution.

Tempo Timesheets fits with the Spectrum frame of mind because, like Spectrum, it works for all levels of business.

With Spectrum the tools cover each stage of the application lifecycle. Tempo Timesheets covers the users, with features for team members, account managers, project managers and executives alike.

With seamless JIRA and JIRA Agile integration, work tracking for billing, budgeting, salary calculations and capitalisation measurement, Tempo Timesheets tracking ensures your work gets done.

From the Spectrum Workbench you can manage your apps, users, processes and repositories from one dashboard. Users benefit from:

  • Management, visualisation and tracking of projects with detailed reports
  • Different tools integrated as and when you want them
  • Easy JIRA configuration - extract and deploy to multiple JIRAs
  • Simple repository and application dashboards
  • JIRA and Google Calendars integration
  • Expert help and support whenever you need it

All from the Spectrum Workbench.

How do we deliver quality software while evolving and adapting? How do we meet user needs, deadlines and budgets with flexible working? With Spectrum and Tempo. Trial it for free today.