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Tempo Product Walkthrough Sessions

Are you new to Tempo? Or, are you already a customer but don't know if you are getting the full value from your Tempo product?

Our awesome customer advocates offer walkthrough sessions for all Tempo products on a regular basis. These sessions are aimed at those who are just starting out with Tempo, or are existing customers and want to make sure that they are receiving the full benefits of their Tempo product(s). These sessions are a great way to get started with one or more of our products, or boost your knowledge to get your organization on the right track with Tempo. As each of our products has their own distinct features, the four add-ons are demonstrated separately. All our walkthroughs end with a Q&A session with our customer advocate ready to answer if there are any questions that arise during the session.

We strongly encourage you to register to take part in one or more of our walkthrough sessions by clicking the links below.



Tempo Planner – Visual resource and capacity planning for programs, projects, and teams, with or without JIRA Agile

Tempo Folio  – Project and portfolio financial management for JIRA and JIRA Agile


Tempo Timesheets –
Agile time tracking and reporting for JIRA and JIRA Agile


Tempo Books –
Budget, utilization, and billing management for JIRA