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Tempo Office Olympics 2015

Summer vacation is a wonderful thing and always necessary from time to time. We all know that returning to work after a vacation can be difficult, starting a routine and tackling your post-vacation to-do list.

When Tempo team members returned to work from vacations, Time Out (our staff association) decided to welcome everybody back with a friendly and fun competition, something called Office Olympics. Many of you recognize the U.S TV show The Office and their Office Olympics from where we got our inspiration for this event. End of summer also means that Tempo summer interns had to go back to school, and needed a proper farewell.

After work on a Friday in August, an informal opening ceremony of the Tempo Office Olympics 2015 took place in Reykjavik. The Tempo team was divided into six teams participating in variety of competitions.


The Office Olympics started with the world famous Chair Race, which had one main rule; you can only use your feet to across the finish line. The team lines up in a single row and every single team member had to cross the finish line. Each team had a well laid down plan on efficiency and speed. Some plans were better than others.

IMG_8045 (1)

The Paper Clip Necklace Contest was quite stressful since the team had only 1 minute to craft a beautiful necklace from paper clips.


The Paper Ball Basketball is kind of self-explanatory - throwing paper balls into a basket. One team at a time where the team got 1 minute to throw as many balls into the basket.

IMG_8052 (1)

Stick it to the man was a real entertainment. The team tries to stick as many Post-It notes as possible to one team member. Sensitive areas had to be avoided. Even though wasting office supplies is not OK, that being said most of the Post-It notes were re-used.

IMG_8049 (1)

Rubber Band Knock Out was all about dedication and precision. Two teams competed opposite each other, and each team had five cups lined up in front of them. First team to knock out all five cups from the opposite team wins, using only rubber bands.

IMG_8064 (1)

Tempo-pong is similar to beer pong but we used our stunning Tempo mugs. Two team members competed at a time against another team, trying to throw or hit table tennis balls into the Tempo mugs. First team to finish wins.


Final challenge was the Phonebook Challenge. This challenge is about using the team's mental strength. The team was given five names from the Icelandic phonebook (it's not that big) and timed how long it took to find all five names and write down the phone numbers.

IMG_8088 (1)

After the competition was officially over, the team enjoyed a barbecue while the referees counted the points from each competition. Of course, we had trophies for the first three places.

IMG_8093 (1)


The team had a blast and this will certainly be an annual thing from now on.

IMG_8108 (1)

We surely recommend Office Olympics for every work place.

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