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Tempo Mobile Team Graduates with Highest Honors

Last fall a group of students from Reykjavík University joined us here at Tempo to work on their final B.Sc. project in Computer Science. The final project offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a software development environment and get hands-on experience by collaborating on a real software development project within a specific field.

Our Product Management team met with the students and the conclusion was that they would participate in the development of a brand new Tempo Mobile Application. A number of our customers have contacted us in the past months, requesting a Mobile Application to enable Tempo users to log and view their work on the fly from their mobile devices.

Our Tempo Mobile Team consists of four talented individuals:

  • Árni Fannar Þráinsson
  • Gunnar Smári Agnarsson
  • Sindri Sigurjónsson
  • Theodór Tómas Theodórsson

Before the team started working on designing and developing the mobile app, we sat down with the team and talked about the main requirements that we wanted to see implemented in the Tempo app. The following requirements were set:

The Tempo Mobile Application should enable users to:

  • Log in with JIRA access
  • View JIRA Issues
  • Track Time
  • Log worked hours
  • View user timesheets

The team decided to use the ionic framework in order to make the mobile app available on both the iOS and Android mobile platform.

The Mobile team did extensive user and beta testing in collaboration with our staff here at Tempo and TM Software. It’s fair to say that the results were very positive and many on our team were impressed with the work of the Mobile Team. The resulting user interface can be seen in the screenshots below.


2015-05-12 14.45.09

A menu showing a time tracker in action.

2015-05-12 14.45.47

Creating a worklog in the Tempo App.

2015-05-12 14.47.10

The Timesheet view from the Tempo Mobile App showing one month.

2015-05-12 14.47.16

Logging work from the timesheet view.

The Mobile team demoed the final product for their professors last month and they recently received their grade. Reykjavík University confirmed what we already knew and graded them a perfect 10 for their project. It's very rare that a final project at the School of Computer Science gets awarded that high of a grade.

We’re incredibly proud of the Mobile team and are pleased to announce that all four members of our Mobile team will continue their work here at Tempo. We’re thrilled to have such a promising group of talented people join us at the Tempo headquarters.

At Tempo, we strive to offer our team members the opportunity to grow in their positions, pursue their interests, develop their great ideas, and have some fun while doing it. If you’re a world class thinker and are interested in joining our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us!