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Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: 9 Ways Tempo Folio Can Help Your Enterprise Scale

Tempo Folio, our agile project and portfolio financial management add-on for Atlassian’s JIRA platform that helps helps businesses of all sizes, using Agile or traditional processes, to define plans, manage and track project scopes, schedules, and costs in real-time, and roll-up data on the portfolio level, matching strategic goals with reality. Tempo Folio works with JIRA and JIRA Agile to enable companies to plan, budget, forecast, and manage costs and team allocations in real-time, quickly adapting and reacting when in-product risks indicators show that problems lie ahead.

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With Tempo Folio, executives, PMOs, and account managers can:

  • Forecast and estimate on projects throughout your portfolios, and compare actual results in real-time, ensuring funding to strategy.
  • Define a financial plan, a scope, and a time frame through creating and managing folios (both at the project and portfolio level).
  • Get a complete overview of project and portfolio scopes, statuses, and financial roll-ups (planned versus actual costs) in real-time.
  • Plan and manage project resource allocation and capacity (both with JIRA and JIRA Agile).
  • View everyone’s tasks and workloads at a glance.
  • Identify risks and over-allocations before they escalate, and immediately react to them. Then, know immediately if those changes have made an impact.

Back in February, Tempo Folio’s 7.2 release included new enterprise features, such as new budget baseline versioning and labeling to allow executives and managers customize budgets and forecasts and play with what-if scenarios to determine the most effective strategy, as well as super admins to help businesses recover orphaned folio data if a folio owner is unavailable or has left the company.

Tempo Folio includes a number of additional enterprise features to help businesses scale while maintaining and improving their efficiency, productivity, and momentum.

1. JIRA Data Center Compatibility Helps the Largest Enterprise Companies

Tempo Folio is compatible with Atlassian’s JIRA Data Center for the largest JIRA customers who seek high availability and performance at scale when hosting our applications in their own data centers. Through this program, JIRA Data Center customers gain high-quality, dependable access when employing multiple active server clustering and load-balancing technologies. JIRA Data Center deployments integrate with industry-standard technologies to minimize single points of failure.

Since its 6.0.1 release, Tempo Folio offers JIRA Data Center support at no added cost to users above current license pricing.

2. Non-Data Center Users Can Still Scale With Tempo and JIRA

If JIRA Data Center licensing isn’t a good fit, large organizations can still opt for JIRA and Tempo Folio license tiers, which start at 500 users and scale to 10,000+ users. You get the same functionality, and the ability to implement these team, project, and portfolio management tools across your globally distributed teams. Even more, you can evaluate Tempo Folio for free, and even start off with a $10, 10-user annual starter license for JIRA Server before deciding on whether to upgrade and deploy throughout your company (*cloud licenses will be available in the upcoming months!).

3. Agile Team Management for Your Distributed Teams

Starting with Tempo Folio’s 7.3 release, admins can utilize Tempo’s customizable workload and holiday schemes for centralized team and workload management. Prior to and including this version, project managers and team leads can manage team allocation and capacity centrally, matching the work that needs to be performed on a project in real-time, and the cost rates associated with that work.

Tempo Folio’s integration with our Tempo Timesheets time tracking add-on for JIRA makes it even easier to sync up worklog data on work performed in JIRA.


4. Easy Import and Export of Financial Data

Managing large quantities of data in Tempo Folio is easy.  You can easily import and export data to and from your external systems through CSV files or by building a tighter third party integration using our comprehensive RESTful API. Tailor your own reports by exporting reports data to Excel format for further analysis. Avoid double entry by reusing team information from project to project or copy entire projects to explore various what-if scenarios and optimize your strategic decision making.

5. Granular Permissions Settings for Better Data Visibility Control

Admins and portfolio owners can easily manage who can access certain folio information, including cost rates and overtime rules, through granular permissions settings, to keep the people who need to know, in the know.

6. Earned Value Management or Traditional Cost Reporting Give You Better Financial Strategy

Tempo Folio is currently the only add-on for JIRA available that enables companies to implement earned value management in JIRA for accurate measurements of project performance and progress, including scope, schedule, and costs, in real-time.  You can read more about the benefits of employing EVM methodologies in this post.

However, if EVM isn’t the best fit, Tempo Folio offers the alternative of using traditional cost and revenue reporting and management features instead. It’s completely up to you.


7. Cross-Project and Portfolio Views Give You High-Level Access to Organizational Data

Tempo Folio gives you a birds-eye view of all efforts and progress across your projects and portfolios, with the added ability of comparing project performance with cross-project views. Group unlimited projects within or across your portfolios, including team statuses aggregated financials, forecasts, indices, and reports. Visual status indicators help you quickly identify risk areas and react to them.


8. Custom, Real-Time Reporting and In-Product Risk Indicators Help You Quickly Adapt

With up-to-date reporting available at your fingertips, managers and executives can stay in the know, in problem-solving time. Visual displays of team, project and portfolio information, including team workloads, earned value, expenses, issue costs, profitability, and budget variance reports keep you on track and able to quickly adapt as needed.

9. A Robust API Provides Boundless Opportunities for Integrations

Tempo’s API lets you leverage and export data to your favorite external business applications to use Tempo’s data as you need to.

Note that Tempo Folio’s REST API is documented and can be tested through Atlassian’s REST API Browser add-on (which is available in JIRA when using the SDK or can be installed from the Marketplace for other types of instances).

Try Tempo Folio for Free

We’re so excited to help all businesses improve their efficiency, productivity, and financial strategy, we’re offering a 20% promotional discount on all Tempo Folio for JIRA Server licenses through May 31, 2015.

Get started with Tempo Folio and JIRA today with a free 30-day trial through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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