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Introducing Tempo Folio 8.1- Understanding the “big picture” with even more data to help make quicker, more informed financial decisions

Our Tempo Folio team has yet again been hard at work to bring you the Tempo Folio 8.1 release for JIRA. This release is all about bringing project managers, account managers, and organizational decision makers more financial data in order to make informed decisions and save time by adding the possibility to plan from a team, valuable new metrics, and an actual cost curve.


We understand how precious time is to a project manager’s hectic schedule, and these new features will allow you to save time setting up your folio (a folio is essentially a project, but we use the term folio to avoid confusion with a JIRA project), more easily and quickly compare the revenue with the actual cost, as well as have access to more information in one place to better make decisions regarding your expense management. On top of that, the portfolio overview page has been cleaned up to help you see your most relevant data more clearly and easily.

Save Time Setting up a Folio by Planning from a Team

It is now possible for the positions of the planned costs to be automatically populated based on the allocations and wages of the team members associated with a folio. This means you can add expenses based on an already established team, instead of having to add their wages individually as planned costs, saving you both time and effort.

Tempo Folio Plan From A Team


Be in a better position to make financial decisions with more valuable metrics

There are now new available metrics accessible to project managers and other decision makers, the burn rate metric in the “costs: financial” page and the earn rate in the “revenues: financial” page. The burn rate shows you the average amount spent per day and the earn rate the amount earned per day since the start of the folio.  Here is a list of the  information you can now see:

  • Total Planned Balance - Remaining amount of the total planned cost available
  • Planned Balance to Date - Current cost variance
  • Earned Balance to Date - Remaining amount to complete from the total planned cost
  • Burn Rate - The average amount spent per day since the start of the folio
  • Earn Rate - The average amount earned per day since the start of the folio

Tempo Folio New Metrics burn rate

Tempo Folio new metrics earn rate

Having access to more data is always useful in helping make informed decisions more smoothly and quickly.

More information in one place to better visualize and compare actual costs and revenues

We have added an “Actual Cost Curve” and profit metrics to the revenue forecast, which is represented by the blue line in the graph below.

Tempo Folio Actual cost curve

You now have all data in one place, which makes it easier to compare the actual cost with the revenue.

See important data more easily and clearly with our cleaned up portfolio overview

It’s always better to have more control over what data you see, so we cleaned up the portfolio overview to see only the important portfolio data. This results in a cleaner page, which highlights the most relevant data, while at the same time being easier on the eye. You can, however, still choose to see the data from the individual folios by simply clicking “show more”, and then hide it again by clicking “show less”.

Tempo Folio Overview Page Show More

Tempo Folio Overview Page Show Less


Read the full Tempo Folio 8.1 notes here and the full Tempo Folio Documentation here 

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Folio with each release. We appreciate your feedback, so that we can continue to do better.

Upgrading Tempo Folio is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Folio for JIRA Server through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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