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Tempo Folio 8.0 webinar: What's new in project and portfolio financial management for JIRA

Last week, we released Tempo Folio 8.0 for JIRA, which included integration with Tempo Teams for centralized team management across multiple folios, as well a new global cost rates table, which enables project and account managers to centrally designate default team member cost rates that can apply across their teams and folios. Both features help enterprise companies maintain greater efficiency and alleviate the hassle of slow manual data input.


Join our Tempo Folio 8.0 release webinar

We’re hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, June 24th at 5 PM GMT / 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT, where we’ll demo what’s new in the Tempo Folio 8.0 release, what’s coming ahead, and we’ll take your questions.

This webinar is aimed at project managers and account managers who are interested in learning how Tempo Folio's latest release can help them plan, track, and manage costs and revenues on their projects more efficiently. It assumes a familiarity with JIRA,  Register for the free webinar now!

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