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Tempo Books Tip of the Month: Stay on Top of Your Budget with the Expense Section

When managing customer’s account and budget, various expenses can occur every day. Depending on the context, expenses can be the lunch meeting from yesterday, new trackpad, software license purchases, or a storage space for the t-shirts. There are many reasons and benefits of keeping track of expenses, e.g.:

    • Drive cost efficiency
    • Better overview of spending
    • Good user interface encourages adding expenses sooner than later
    • The budget is based on real-time data
    • Track payments better

Expense Management in Tempo Books

With Tempo Books for JIRA, team members can easily add Expenses to Issues while managers can keep up with Expenses created, and oversee how it affects the budget. You can create more than one expense per issue. All Expenses on the Issue are displayed in the Expense section, which shows the user who created the Expense, the description of the Expense, Expense category, and the date of expenditure. The perspective role for adding an Expense to an Issue is a JIRA user. Every Issue is linked to a JIRA project, which is linked to an Account. All Expenses are displayed in the Budget view of each account. For account managers and managers responsible for customer’s account, keeping track of day-to-day expenditure against the agreed budget is valuable. In Tempo Books, the monthly budget can also be seen in the Budget view and whether the account is over or under budget. Let’s have a closer look at Expenses in Tempo Books.

Accessing Expenses

Expenses are accessible from the Issue view in JIRA. To add an Expense to an Issue, select Add Expense from the More drop-down list. Tempo-books-Add-Expense The Add Expense dialog box pops up with the required fields. Write an Amount, expense Description, select a Category for the expense, and the Date. If the category of your choice does not exist, you can create a new category that fits to your Expense. Tempo-books-add-expense-description All Expenses linked to the Issue are displayed in the Expense section and can be deleted. tempo-books-expenses-section When we return to the Account’s Budget view, the created Expenses are sorted by Expense category and depicted in the graph as well as shown in the table below the graph. The current status of the budget is shown above the graph i.e. whether the account over or under budget. tempo-books-expenses-budget-view Tempo Books is available now for a 30-day free trial for JIRA Server. Pricing starts at $100 and all licence tiers come with 12 months of full software maintenance (purchasing additional maintenance and support after that is entirely optional) - including all updates and online support.


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