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Introducing Better Support for Invoicing in JIRA, Customized Price Tables, and More. Tempo Books 1.3 is Here!


This release brings us one step closer to more evolved invoicing features. As Tempo Books for JIRA is aimed at account managers, the person responsible for client projects and account budgeting, the main objective of this release is to provide better support for invoicing as well as offering more flexibility in designating hourly prices for different customers.

Now you can create new and customized price tables that can be used with individual accounts and linked to JIRA projects. Other highlights include empty state messages for the budget view and the utilization view, as well as a notification that appears in the account browser about unaccounted hours. Every time an update of Tempo Books is available and you update your license, a “what's new” dialogue pops up telling you all about the cool new features of Tempo Books.

Let's take a closer look at Tempo Books 1.3. Also, take a look at the Tempo Books 1.3 video below.

An overview of revenue, price rates, and expenses associated with work performed in JIRA

The new Time and Expenses report helps you invoice your customer. At the end of each month, when it's time to generate invoices for customers, Tempo Books allows you to list all associated JIRA issues linked to a particular JIRA project and an account. This overview includes team members working for this account and project, description of work performed, their role and hourly rate, the total amount of billed work, and any expenses logged and collected, to one central platform. Managing these efforts centrally in JIRA is priceless and offers better visibility on activities for customers and simpler billing workflow management.

The Time and Expenses overview can be exported to Excel, printed, or converted to PDF for easy sharing and reporting.


Set the hourly rates that make most sense

Part of building customer relationships and negotiating contracts rates is setting price rates based on team roles and level of expertise. Different customers have different needs, different histories, and different pricing requirements. With Tempo Books 1.3 you can create custom price tables to suit your individual customer needs. As team members track their time with Tempo Timesheets or directly into JIRA worklogs, Tempo Books translates every hour logged into value for your company.


Other improvements in Tempo Books 1.3

Improvements to the UI include a “what's new” dialogue, empty states messages in the budget view and the team utilization view. When a user opens the budget view or the team utilization view and there is no data available, Tempo Books promptly tells you why there is no data and how you should react.


Last but not least, we added a notification in the Account browser, letting you know if there are some hours logged that are not accounted for, and perhaps should be linked to an account. For some, it's frustrating enough to log your hours instead of using the time to create value for clients. But what if the logged hours per issues / projects are not linked to an account and a customer? That means that logged hours will not be included in the budget or utilization reports, and as a consequence not billable. Maximize your value in JIRA with Tempo Books


You can view the full Tempo Books 1.3 release notes here.

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