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Meniga Customer Success Story


Based out of Reykjavík, Iceland, Meniga creates personal financial management solutions (PFM), which enable retail banks to build their next generation digital banking experiences and business models. With 14 live implementations in 13 countries and several more to be announced, Meniga has become Europe’s leading PFM provider.

Meniga provides enterprise software for banks, helping banks to make their customers smarter consumers. They do this by helping customers take charge of their finances, saving money by utilizing targeted offers, built on their spending behavior. Having discovered Tempo Timesheets through the Atlassian Marketplace three years ago, they have been using it actively throughout their development teams, working in new product software development and consultancy.


When asked about the challenges that Meniga faced and how Tempo Timesheets has benefitted the company, Geir said, “We needed to keep track of how much time is spent on developing product components for profitability analysis. The same goes for our customer implementations, with the added requirement of providing our customers with accurate time reporting on ongoing projects.”

Having previously used alternative tools for time tracking, resource planning, and project management but no finding their needs met, they tried Tempo Timesheets. Geir said: “We were using simple time tracking tools, not directly connected to our development process.  We tried a few things out but Tempo Timesheets soon became the obvious choice in the environment we are working in.”


Being an up-and-coming company, Meniga faces a lot of challenges in their day-to-day work environment, and were able to implement Tempo Timesheets  to solve the challenges involved with tracking on projects and other work initiatives. “Time tracking and reporting is currently how we use Tempo Timesheets, with vacation and absence planning and reporting being a large part of that process,” said Geir. “ All of our development teams use Tempo to track their time with different granularity, based on their project tracking needs. We also frequently use the timesheets to review of work effort division within individual teams, and approve timesheets to review customer work reports at the end of each period.”


When asked how Meniga’s employees are feeling about Tempo Timesheets, Geir said:

“Time registration and reporting is never the favourite of any development team, but the integration of Tempo Timesheets into our JIRA ticket workflow makes it as painless as possible. The time registration being integrated in the development process it makes all reporting more accurate for us. So overall everybody is happy with how Tempo makes their daily lives easier. The project managers who extract time reports for our customers are particularly happy, as the JIRA ticket integration makes the reports much more accurate and transparent than they would ever be without it.”


When asked what he would tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets, Geir offered: “Take the time to explore how advanced Tempo Timesheets users have integrated Tempo into a natural development process workflow - Tempo makes time registration and reporting an effortless and integrated part of daily activities.”