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Meet Our Newest Tempo Team Members

Back in December, we announced that Tempo and the portfolio financial management solution, FOLIO for JIRA, were joining forces.  We’re thrilled to be syncing our efforts to innovate the most fully robust project and portfolio management add-ons for JIRA on the market, for SME's through the largest distributed enterprises.

Launched in 2013, FOLIO for JIRA enables powerful real-time cost, revenue, and profitability forecasting within the JIRA platform. It has already been adopted by hundreds of major enterprises, including Volkswagen, Neiman Marcus, Warner Bros., Boeing, and NASA, to budget and track projects, portfolios, and programs with Earned Value Management (EVM). FOLIO was developed by the creators of JIRA Agile, formerly GreenHopper, the leading agile development tool, which was acquired by Atlassian in 2009. FOLIO was the grand prizewinner of Atlassian’s Codegeist 2013 competition.

We’re working diligently on further FOLIO integrations with the Tempo product family, and will be announcing them soon.

Three new FOLIO team members have joined Tempo, and will continue working on further development of the FOLIO product from Montreal.  (Thank you, Internet!)



Jean-Christophe (“JC”) Huet will continue with the Tempo team as FOLIO’s product owner. JC has been in the Atlassian ecosystem for almost a decade. He won three Atlassian add-on contests and is the founder of JIRA Agile (formally GreenHopper) and the co-founder of FOLIO. He is the Cerbère of FOLIO's vision. When he is not working with clients, writing code, counting pixels or planning the next releases, you will most likely find him on the ice playing hockey.


François Lapointe

François Lapointe has joined Tempo a software developer on the FOLIO team.  François' unusual path started with race walking for almost twenty years, participating in several international competitions including two Olympic Games, then working in the furniture industry, before ending up in computing. For over twenty years, he has worked as an analyst, a scrum master and a developer. One of FOLIO's creators, his primary role on the Tempo team is to make sure FOLIO preserves its high quality standards. Aside from work, he's interested in many things, including renovation and stained glass crafting. But above anything else, he likes spending time with his grandchildren.


Marc-André Thibodeau

Marc-André Thibodeau has also joined us as a software developer on the FOLIO team.  A TDD-lover who likes gardening pretty code in his backyard, Marc-André started his university education as a biologist before turning to a software development geek. He has co-created FOLIO and joined the Tempo to continue doing what he likes most: building great software. When outside of the workplace, you will most likely find him playing some Led Zep riffs on his guitar, building towers with his kids, attempting to score goals at the ice hockey rink, or secretly preparing for a zombie pandemic.

In addition to the FOLIO team members, we have two recent new team members:

Albert Hauksson

Albert Hauksson, an Atlassian Product Expert, who will be splitting his time between the Tempo team and TM Software to work directly with customers and new clients interested in Atlassian and Tempo tools.  He has a B.A. in Musical Composition from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts but recently graduated with a master’s degree in Project Management (M.PM) from the University of Reykjavík. His greatest interest is music, from death metal to classic and he likes to compose music in his spare time. He likes to snowboard in the winter and golf in the summer (when there is time!).

Arnar Freyr Magnússon

Arnar recently joined Tempo's business development and growth team.  He earned a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Reykjavik, and recently completed his master's in Applied Economics and Finance at the Copenhagen Business School. In his spare time, if you can call it that, Arnar likes to be physically active, enjoying the outdoors and Crossfit training.

Guðrún Fema Ólafsdóttir

Last but not least, we welcome Guðrún Fema Ólafsdóttir, who joined the Tempo Planner product team as its product owner. Guðrún holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Reykjavik University and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. Her hobbies include football (soccer, to you Americans), CrossFit, weightlifting and music -- both listening and playing.

Welcome everyone! We are thrilled to have you on board and are looking forward to building fantastic products in 2015!

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