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How Do JIRA, JIRA Agile, and Tempo Work Even Better Together?

This is part of a blog series highlighting how Tempo's suite of solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile work better together to empower teams to create, improve, and deliver on time and on budget.

Learn how Tempo further enhances JIRA and JIRA Agile for painless time tracking, agile planning, project and portfolio financial management, and professional services.

A Great Product Deserves Great Add-Ons

Every day we strive to optimize our work, manage our resources, and share knowledge. Tempo has doubled its product line this year, following the addition of Tempo Folio and Tempo Books to our existing award-winning solutions Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner. Together our suite of JIRA project and portfolio management tools have been optimized. Each of our solutions can be used alone or in tandem with other Tempo solutions, offering a full professional services solution for businesses at all levels; with more Tempo solutions used, more value is added.


Track and Collaborate With JIRA

Atlassian's JIRA is a project and issue tracking software platform which enables users to capture and organize issues, assign work, and help teams get the job done. It can be hard to explain JIRA to a person who is not familiar with ticketing platforms and it is important to understand JIRA and its basic terminology to fully exploit the benefits of using JIRA for tracking tasks, ideas, and requests. Kevin Allen's blog post “How do you explain JIRA?” is a helpful introduction for people who are new to JIRA.
JIRA offers organizations transparent and collaborative workflows, which is essential for promoting productivity within organizations and encouraging effective collaboration in an environment characterized by flexible teams and multitasking. With the social feature of @mentioning, JIRA makes it easier to bring the right people to participate in solving challenges as they arise.

The scope of today's business landscape is changing rapidly as technology is getting faster and smarter and driving business development forward. JIRA's issue management helps you take action on what is most important at any given moment and keeps you up-to-date with what's going on around you by letting you organize your team's issues and prioritize them. Additionally, JIRA admins can set different permissions depending on the user's role within the organization to better focus the team workload.

JIRA Agile is JIRA With an Agile Twist

To stay up to date with shifting demands, you have to be flexible. Agile methods have evolved from the need for flexibility to meet volatile market conditions and the need for continuous improvement. JIRA Agile provides flexible planning for both scrum and kanban work methodologies.
On every level, JIRA Agile helps build and manage teams and manages requirements realistically with safer revisions through iterations. With a transparent workflow, it doesn’t matter whether you're present at the office or working remotely; you know what's holding you back and where you're stuck because everyone on the team share the same view of story estimates. The user interface is intuitive, with drag-and-drop features and filters for larger backlogs.

Tempo is For Everyone

Different organizations have different motivations for success and face a variety of challenges. Since the beginning, our objective at Tempo has been to create a fully-functional project and portfolio management solution for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Tempo's suite of agile solutions is built to eliminate bottlenecks, and help teams track progress, schedule, and maximize value throughout the project management process. The cherry on top is that Tempo offers immediate results and can be quickly adopted by team members.

Efficiency and Agility for Time-To-Market

As a member of a new product development team your motivation is efficiency and agility. Time-to-market is a big challenge due to team management, i.e. resource and capacity planning, assigning tasks, and tracking work efforts. Real-time information is crucial for making strategic decisions and planning ahead based on current and past information.
Synchronization can also be a challenge. Communication and transparency are important factors for a successful new product development team.

Tempo's fundamentals for new product development are delivering quality products on time and on budget. They key to achieving common objectives is to visualize where resources are being wasted and encouraging collaborative work processes by managing resources in real-time. Start by tracking time on work performed for increased efficiency and greater return on investments. Next you should match your strategic goals with reality; schedule the development process before hand, including the project scope and cost. The development process itself demands that you manage your epics, iterations, and program backlogs flexibly in one centralized space to deliver your activities on deadline. Tempo on top of JIRA means one central hub for getting things done.


A Whole New Way of Tracking Value In JIRA

The business of selling intangible products, professional services, you base your value on logged billable hours and strive to achieve sales and/or performance targets. An even bigger challenge is when you are trying to import and export data from your JIRA instance between applications in order to finalize your billing to your clients. Having an overview of your customers, their budgets, and logged hours based on a price table in one software can make your life easier as a manager or an executive. Managers and team leads, who are responsible for client projects, are often distracted with clients wanting to be involved in the process and receive regular status checks. Every customer differs from the next, including what information they require and in which form. Another challenge facing service companies is on a team level and raises the question: How well is your team performing and how are they spending their time?

Tempo's solutions for JIRA are designed to meet the needs of managing client projects. On an organizational level, Tempo helps businesses of all sizes. On a C-level you can report on work performed for salary calculations, forecasting and a return on investments. On a project level for account managers and team leads, Tempo lets you manage your client budget, track account's revenue, and report on work for billing based on your price table. You can visualize your resources and plan for teams, projects, and programs seamlessly in your JIRA instance. Set your performance targets and billing margin with respect of logged hours and keep your clients happy. Your clients can be involved in the process from start to finish, of course to your preference, with JIRA and Tempo's permissions and customizable reports.

Prioritize IT Projects Based On Cost, Benefits and Use of Resources to Achieve Business Goals

It doesn’t matter if you are member of a small start-up or a larger company; everyone needs a simplified and visual project workflow. Access to the right information at a given point in the project process is crucial for team members to be able to complete their tasks. In every company, managers struggle with the ability to prioritize, visualize, and assign tasks. All of their decisions need to be based on real-time information and communicated vertically and horizontally within the company hierarchy to team leads and team members, often with distributed teams working in different time zones. Many companies maintain this information and responsibility over several spreadsheets and shared documents in addition to JIRA. This impairs their ability to plan ahead and foresee project scopes, schedules, and costs transparently. It becomes difficult to see the big picture.

Some people prefer to view their task completion visually, while others may wish to see the activity stream in a roll-up data. Either way, Tempo offers you the ability to track logged time painlessly inside your JIRA instance, while planning epics and resources flexibly for your team with visual team, project, and program timelines and backlogs, and managing project scope, revenue, and cost for each account and project. You know the status of each item in the project life cycle; you can see who is working on issues at hand while governing budget and timeframe to help match strategic goals with reality. Tempo’s customer get a piece of mind while delivering great projects on time and budget in JIRA.


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