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Introducing Tempo for HipChat Connect -The Most Powerful Integrations To Date

We're very excited to announce our integration into HipChat Connect and invite you to take part in our beta testing program. We partnered with Atlassian and HipChat to build first class new integrations for HipChat Connect.


Meet the New Class of HipChat Integrations

Atlassian's HipChat announced their brand new integrations experience powered by HipChat Connect, a new API available in public beta, at the Atlassian Summit 2015. The significance of this new API is that your integration experience just got much more powerful. This new platform reinvents team communication. Again.

We believe that team communication is much more than chat. It is the central thread to all the moving pieces of your business. By bringing together your many apps in a smart way, your communication will be more focused and productive. - Tanguy Crusson, Product Manager for HipChat.

We're proud to champion the most sophisticated integration platform, the HipChat Connect, and bring Tempo for HipChat Connect to teams as they are the driving force behind any organization.

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Tempo for HipChat

Communication and Transparency are Key in Team Collaboration

Tempo for HipChat Connect will give teams better visibility and transparency about where team members are, their daily statuses, and project pipelines and priorities, which will help drive effective and efficient communication and deliver customer value in the long-run. With Tempo for HipChat Connect you gain an immediate understanding of team responsibilities, statuses, and the ability to identify key individuals.


The biggest challenge today is helping teams around the globe to communicate better. From our end, the problem is lack of centralized transparency about where team members are, their day-to-day statuses (for instance, if they’re out of office, working from home, or sick), and communication - especially for distributed teams working in different time zones. Tempo for HipChat Connect, provides  better ways for team planning and resource management in real-time, giving teams the information needed to understand individual responsibilities, whether or not a team member is available, and to better define priorities.


How can I join Tempo for HipChat Connect beta?

Sign up for a chance to get exclusive beta access to Tempo for HipChat. For now, we can only offer a limited number of users access to our beta, so registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. You'll have to install first on your JIRA instance and then to HipChat.

Sign up for the beta

Because we’re still in beta, your admin will need to enable HipChat Connect for your group. You'll also need access to HipChat, create a room for your team, and invite team members. Tempo for HipChat Connect is available only for JIRA Cloud.

Sign up for the beta and you'll receive an invite from our team and instructions on how to proceed.

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