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Introducing Tempo Folio X: A Brand New Portfolio Roadmap, Planning Capabilities, and an Enhanced UI

The Tempo Folio team has been working extremely hard over the past couple of months to bring to you the Tempo Folio X release for JIRA. You might be wondering what happened to Tempo Folio 9.0, well we’ve decided to skip it altogether, because we have reached so many milestones with this release.

We’ve focused on finding a way for project managers, PMO, and executives to be able to better plan and visualize their portfolios in the simplest way possible. The result is a brand new portfolio roadmap view, planning capabilities within Tempo Folio plus a full integration with Tempo Planner, and a revamped UI. What’s more is we are now fully compatible with JIRA 7.0 and we’ve made some performance enhancements.

Excited yet? You should be, so let’s get down to it.

Portfolio Roadmap

One of the exciting new features in this version is the portfolio roadmap view, which gives our customers more options on how to view the overall health of their Portfolio. This view allows you to see all Folios associated within a Portfolio or even multiple Portfolios all in one simple timeline. You can customize the view to also show you the forecasted end dates for the Folios and color coding allows you to see, with a glance, the overall status.

To get to the Portfolio Roadmap view, you simply go into the Portfolio Overview. From here you click on the blue text that says “Go to timeline” as you can see in the screenshot below:

Go to Timeline

You can also get there by going to “Manage Portfolios” from the Tempo drop down menu on the navigation bar.

Manage Portfolios

Once you’re in the Manage Portfolios section and you have a Portfolio selected on the left, you can press the toggle button on the top to show the timeline view and easily switch between the two views.

Portfolio Roadmap

Get a quick overview of your Folio's health

You can also click on a folio and get a quick status overview, as seen below. From there, it’s possible to quickly close or reopen your Folios directly by clicking on the green EXECUTING button.

Quick Overview of Folio

Customize your view 

This view can also be customized to your liking. You can choose to show projected completions, which will show you when your Folios are expected to finish based on real-time data. As seen below, if they are behind schedule, they’ll be colored red for easy identification, allowing you to react to problems as quickly as possible.

Projected Completions

From here you can also choose to show or hide closed Folios by clicking or unclicking the “Show closed Folios” box at the top.

Show and Hide Closed Folios

Want even more detailed information on how to use this new feature to its fullest? Just take a look at this short video.


Plan within Tempo Folio

One thing we felt could make Tempo Folio even better was staff planning capabilities directly within Tempo Folio. Tempo Folio was great at giving project managers, PMOs and executives real time data on the health of their projects, but there wasn’t a really simple way to plan time for their staff and visualize it directly from Tempo Folio. So we decided to add a staff planning timeline. Here you can drag and drop any Jira issue within the scope of your Folio directly into a staff timeline.

Now when you’re in the Staff view, you can toggle between Staff Members and Planning, and you’re presented with a planning timeline.

Planning Timeline

This timeline is the same team planning board from Tempo Planner, so if you’re also using Tempo Planner, you will see all of your planning from there greyed out in the timeline. Also, if you’re using Tempo Planner, you will see a small planner logo next to all of your staff members, just to give it some extra spice.

Now all information is in one centralized place for better visualization.

Drag and Drop

All of the issues associated with the scope of the Folio will show up in the righthand column. From here you can simply drag and drop them from the list into the timeline and assign them to staff members. It’s also possible to drag and drop them from one staff member to another, or one time period to another.

This makes assigning issues extremely easy and once your team has logged work on those issues, it will automatically be reflected in the folio.

New Planned Effort for Staff Members

We have also added a new “planned effort” metric for each staff member when you have them selected in the Staff Members view. This shows the planned effort for this staff member until the end of the Folio.

Planned effort for staff member

Plan Costs from Planned Effort

Another great thing you can now do with the planner integration is plan costs from a staff member’s planned effort. This will automatically create positions based on the current staff member’s planning and cost rates.

You can do this from the Costs section of your Folio. Make sure you’re in the Planned section and then you can click the icon with two people on it and chose “Plan from Staff Members Planned Effort” as you can see below.

Plan for Planned Effrort

Better Together- Tempo Folio and Tempo Planner integration

Tempo Folio and Tempo Planner Logos

On top of the planning capabilities within Tempo Folio, we are now fully integrated with Tempo Planner. This means that if you also have a Tempo Planner license and have it installed, you will be able to plan for your team from Tempo Planner and see it reflected on the timeline within Tempo Folio and, of course, you will have all of the capacity planning and release planning abilities and more, that are associated with Tempo Planner. Learn more about Tempo Planner here.

If you're interested in seeing exactly how to do everything regarding planning in Tempo Folio, take a look at this short tutorial video:


Updated UI

Staff instead of Team

One of the major updates made to the UI is that we’ve changed the word “team” to “staff.” Now that we’re fully integrated with Tempo Teams and Tempo Planner, we wanted a clear differentiation between Tempo Teams and the Folio’s staff to avoid confusion.

How you choose to make up the staff for a Folio is very flexible. The staff can be occupied by a Tempo Team, but it can also be made up manually, or you can add a Tempo Team plus extra staff members.

New Staff View

As you can see in the above screenshot, we’ve also added some nice icons to add staff members or teams. This makes everything less crowded, and it looks nice!

Manage Portfolios View

Previously when you clicked on more in the top navigation bar under Portfolios or Folios, the list on the left hand side showed you only “all folios” and a list of your portfolios. Now it’s much better organized with the headers Folios and Portfolios, so you can more easily navigate between them and know what you’re looking at. You can also drag and drop Folios into a Portfolio directly.

Another new feature in the Manage Portfolios screen, is that you can press the arrow button at the top of the left panel and collapse it to provide more space. This is particularly useful when viewing the Portfolio Roadmap.

New Manage Portfolios View

Top Navigation bar

The top navigation bar within Tempo Folio has been rethought and we think it’s now better looking and less crowded. Instead of having the dates of the Folio written beneath the logo, we’ve just added a colored button with the current status of the Folio.

Navigation Bar

Other Updates

On top of all the major updates that we’ve just described, we are now fully compatible with Jira 7.0 and we’ve improved the overall performance.

Upgrading Tempo Folio is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Folio for JIRA Server the Atlassian Marketplace.

Read the full Tempo Folio 10.0 release notes here and the full Tempo Folio Documentation here

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Folio with each release and we take your feedback to heart, so we can always do better.

Upgrading Tempo Folio is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Folio for JIRA Server through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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