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Introducing Tempo Folio 10.1: Giving Project Managers a Better Overview of Planned Work

The Tempo Folio for JIRA team has yet again been hard at work to bring to you some great new features in 10.1 that have been highly requested from our customers. This release focuses on giving Project Managers and PMO the ability to quickly identify who is over allocated and make changes as easily as possible within problem solving time. The new features include an issue planned time view, member planned time view, and enhanced portfolio reporting.

Issue Planned Time View

The first new feature gives you the option to quickly view the breakdown of planned time on an issue per staff member. This allows you to easily view what work is planned on any issue and who is working on it.

Getting to this view is simple. When you’re in the planned tab of the staff section, you can now click the hours next to the issue name in the righthand column. These numbers indicate the amount of time planned on that issue and the total estimated effort needed to complete the issue.

Tempo Folio |staff planning overview

When you click on the hours, a page that looks like this will pop up.

Tempo Folio | Issues Planned Time Viewer

Here you can see which members are working on that particular issue and exactly how much time is allocated to them for that issue. In a glance, you can see if there is enough, not enough, or too much time planned on any one issue.

Tip: As you can see, the start and end dates next to the member are also clickable. If you click on these dates, it will take you back to the planning timeline and show the allocations for that date.

Member Planned Time View

Another new feature is that next to each team member in the planning timeline, you will now see a number indicating their remaining capacity, which is circled in orange below. If they are over allocated, this number will be in red for easy identification.

Tempo Folio | member planned time viewer

What’s even better is you can click on this number and you’ll be presented with the member planned time view, as you can see below. This gives you a quick overview of an individual staff member and what they’re working on broken down by issue.

Tempo Folio | staff member planned time viewer

This enables project managers to quickly identify if a staff member is over allocated, or perhaps under allocated and easily make changes as they see fit.

Enhanced Reporting

We’re big fans of customization, so we’ve implemented changes to the portfolio reports and added the ability to customize them even more than before. The expenses report has been enhanced, allowing you to now filter the report by folios. This makes it possible to see the data for as many or as little of the folios associated with the portfolio as you like, depending on your needs.

On top of this, you can now select all or none of the options from a particular category, making filtering less of a hassle.

Tempo Folio | Portfolio Expenses Report


Join our webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about these new features or those introduced in Folio X, we’re hosting a webinar on December 2nd at 4pm GMT/ 11am EST/ 8am PST. Go ahead and sign up here. Don’t worry if this time doesn’t work for you, just sign up and we’ll send you a recording of it after the webinar is finished.

The webinar will last approximately one hour and include a short introduction to Tempo and Tempo Folio, a demo of the new features, and a short sneak peak into what’s in our roadmap.

Read the full Tempo Folio 10.1 release notes here and the full Tempo Folio Documentation here.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Folio with each release and we take your feedback to heart, so we can always do better.

Upgrading Tempo Folio is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Folio for JIRA Server through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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