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Introducing Tempo Books 1.2: Manage Discount Rates for Accounts, Edit Expenses, Update Expense Categories, and more

The Tempo Books team is working hard these days, releasing minor versions as the product evolves further towards what our customers want and need. In this release we add the option to add a discount rate for an Account, based on the global price table introduced in Tempo Books 1.0. Also, the Expense section in Tempo Books got a bit of a make-over; more information about each entry is now available in the Issue view in JIRA, Expense categories can be deleted, and users can update and add current Expense categories. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at Tempo Books 1.2.

Manage Discount Rates for Accounts

Tempo-Books-for-JIRAOne of the highlight of this release is the Account Price Table. Our customers and supporting friends have rightly pointed out that for a professional services organization, it would be a dream if the company could charge the same hourly price rate for every customer, every account, and every project. The ability to charge different rates to different clients is an essential option for an organization selling their service and managing client projects. The price table in Tempo Books in managed globally across all Accounts (Accounts Overview). In Tempo Books 1.2, we've added a field for a discount rate under Account Configuration - Account Price Table. The discount rate applies only to that certain Account, based on the global price table. The discounted hourly rate is used to calculate team members' logged hours into revenue and displayed in the Account's budget. To access the Account price table, go to the Tempo drop-down menu and choose one Account, or go the the Account overview with more... and choose your Account from there.

Each Account has a Configuration tab. From there you can configure basic Account settings e.g. Account lead, Account category, link to a customer, and configure the budget. Last but no least, we have the Account price table there. The table shows the team role, original hourly rate and the discounted hourly rate. In the field above the table, Account leads and managers can add a discount rate, which applies to this Account, and will be calculated with hours logged by team members into revenue, which is displayed in the account's budget.

Below the Account price table is a direct link to the global price table if needed to manage it further.


More Accessible Expense Management in JIRATempo-Books-for-JIRA

As the Tempo Books June tip discussed about Expense Management and depending on the context, expenses can be the lunch meeting from yesterday, new trackpad, software license purchases, or a storage space for the t-shirts. There are many reasons and benefits of keeping track of expenses, e.g.:

    • Drive cost efficiency
    • Better overview of spending
    • Good user interface encourages adding expenses sooner than later
    • The budget is based on real-time data
    • Track payments better

Tempo Books 1.2 introduces a more accessible Expense Management for teams to manage and add expenses. Expenses are accessible from the Issue view in JIRA. To add an Expense to an Issue, select Add Expense from the More drop-down list. The Add Expense dialog box pops up with the required fields. Now Tempo Books 1.2 features more manageable expense categories where you can update, add, or delete an expense category that is not currently being used. To be able delete an expense category, no expenses can be associated to that category.

Expense categories is accessed from Accounts Overview.

In the top right corner under Manage. By clicking Categories, you can choose from Account Categories or Expense Categories.



Also featured in Tempo Books 1.2 is the ability to edit expenses in the Issue view in JIRA:


Stay tuned for further development of Tempo Books and the Price Table. So far so good? We would love to hear your thoughts about Tempo Books.


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