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How Icelandair's IT team gets progress with Tempo Timesheets


Tell us about yourself and your company

My name is Bragi Baldursson and I am Head of Design for Icelandair. I oversee all configuration and equipment changes for Icelandair aircraft and third party aircraft. That involves certifying that the installations are per aviation and customer requirements.

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, and represents an attractive option for cross-Atlantic flights. Icelandair provides safe, reliable flights and exceptional service on flights to metropolitan areas on both sides of the Atlantic.

The airline operates out of Iceland, and uses the country's geographical location mid-way between America and Europe, as an opportunity to build an ever-growing network of international routes with Iceland as a hub.

I belong to Icelandair´s Design Organisation. We provide certification and engineering services to Icelandair and third party airlines.

Where did you discover Tempo?

We learned about Tempo Timesheets from Nýherji as they supply us with IT services and it came in addition to JIRA and JIRA Agile.

How long have you been using Tempo Timesheets?

For three years.

What challenges were you facing before that made you turn to Tempo Timesheets? How has Tempo Timesheet benefitted you're company?

The challenges were many but most of all I was lacking overview of invoicing processes for 3rd party suppliers, time logging for team members and the management of project hours. Tempo has solved all of that.

Were you previously using any other tools for time tracking, resource planning, and project management? If so, what prompted you to make the switch to Tempo?

Yes, Ambercat. This tool was no longer being supported and did not have any of the features I now have with Tempo Timesheets. For example, it didn’t give us any overview over where time was being spent.

Can you describe how your organization uses Tempo Timesheets? What problem(s) does it solve for you?

All of my staff, including myself, log every hour worked into Tempo Timesheets. The product's flexibility makes this a breeze and you have full overview over the work you have done for the particular time period. At the end of each time period we review the logged hours for accuracy. We approve the hours and release the time period to invoicing.

Since we starting using Tempo Timesheets, invoicing errors are practically history and our customers are happier.



What main purpose(s) would you say Tempo serves for your organization?

Tempo Timesheets is mainly used for logging work hours (productive and non-productive), reviewing hours, project quoting, project overview/tracking.

Are there any specific features that your team frequently uses?

Time tracking and project hours being spent/logged. Invoicing and review functions, including grace periods.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Timesheets?

More and better overview. It was a breeze to implement and start using and the user interface is set up in a very intuitive way.

How would you say that employees in your organization are feeling about Tempo Timesheets generally?

When you’re trying to bring a new software into an organization, people may be reluctant to start using it. With Tempo Timesheets we’ve never had that problem as people started logging their work and filing their hours from day one. It’s easily understood by everyone and it’s been a great success.
Now, employees use it all the time without pressure and to me that, which goes without saying, is the best recommendation.

What would you tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets?

Just do it!

Any Final Thoughts?

Progress is a big word and it’s important to keep that in mind at all times. Sometimes you’re making big leaps and other times it’s smaller, incremental steps. I feel that with Tempo we have made a giant leap and improved the way we work.

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