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How Do Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books Work Even Better Together?

This is part of a series of blog posts highlighting Tempo's suite of Agile solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile and how together they empower teams to create, improve, and deliver value on time and on budget, matching their strategic goals with reality.

Atlassian's JIRA is a project and issue tracking software platform that enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to capture and organize issues, assign work, and help teams get the job done. With Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books, you get more out of JIRA for your teams and customers. Plan, track, and report on work performed for billing, salary calculations, team utilization, increased efficiency, and the transparency of performance needed to monitor progress versus strategic planning — together on top of JIRA.


JIRA is a great product, and a great product deserves great add-ons. Tempo enhances JIRA and offers teams transparent and collaborative worklogs while managers know how teams and team members' efforts are distributed. To maximize team productivity and efficiency, having easy access to all important data and ongoing issues is vital.

Time Management Gives You Greater Precision

There are a lot of reasons why you should track time; here are just 9 of them. It's not easy to implement a culture that encourages time tracking consistently. Tracking time can be a pain and teams usually don't like registering their time, especially if needed to do so in another application. The benefits, however, are numerous — for instance:

  • knowing how your business spends its time, and knowing where improvement and change is needed.
  • having the ability to distinguish between different types of work, such as capital expenses, operational expenses, work performed for customer billing;
  • identifying resource shortages and reacting to them, and keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Managing account, customer, project, and team efforts centrally increases transparency and reduces hassle, headaches, and potential inaccuracies.

Whether you're tracking time on work performed for new product development, professional services, engineering, or IT, your teams get the most accurate and up-to-date time tracking information through an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.

Tempo Timesheets is Painless Time Tracking For All Teams

Tempo Timesheets offers a clean and simple way to collaborate with your team and track work on your projects directly in JIRA. Flexible reporting options give you the information you need, when you need to measure progress in real-time, make the best strategic decisions, then, immediately adapt as needed. Team resources and time is limited in most organizations, so it's important to keep everyone on the same page and informed.

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With Tempo Timesheets, you can better understand how your teams are spending their time, and plan and track on internal efforts like sick time and vacation time for cross-functional teams. Team members adopt Tempo Timesheets quickly and results of tracking time seamlessly in JIRA with Tempo Timesheets are noticeably from start.

For teams working on client projects, long-term or short-term development projects, or internal projects time management is important. Differentiating between revenue-generating hours and time spent to maintain and grow your business is the key to determine utilization, efficiency, price structure, and salary. How well are teams utilizing their revenue-generating hours versus internal hours?

Real-Time Visibility Into Your Team's Performance and Profitability

After a successful launch of other Tempo's solutions, Tempo Planner and Tempo Folio, we introduced Tempo Books earlier this year -- a meaningful tool that enables managers to track value and revenue for client projects, and that integrates with JIRA and Tempo Timesheets. While Tempo Timesheets offers reports on work performed for billing, Tempo Books offers greater exploration of billable hours versus non-billable hours for budgeting and utilization reporting, unaccounted-for hours, and further categorization of Accounts, linked to JIRA projects and issues.

Create lean and customizable price tables for your teams and hourly rates for your team members, while gaining clear summaries of how your team is generating business value. Getting aggregated information in real-time, depicted at your convenience, is what Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets offer. A REST API gives you boundless opportunities to use Tempo data as you want to. The more Tempo add-ons you use, the more value added to lean business analytics, which helps you efficiently utilize your resources.


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Check Your Priorities

With Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books, your priorities are built upon more accuracy about every logged hour per projects or accounts and classified into billable versus non-billable hours, preferable in real-time - and in one place! Even though most people don't like to monitor their teams, but to know your profit margin you need to investigate on how your teams are spending their time, logging hours per issues, and contributing to customer profitability.

Measure Efficiency and Return on Investment in Real-time

With Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books, you can tailor your dashboard with gadgets for team members, project managers, account managers, and executives. The gadgets show the distribution of efforts across your teams, allowing you to uncover trends and/or problems in real-time before they escalate. Look back before planning new projects in retrospect with Tempo Timesheets reporting and see how efforts are distributed between team members.

Every team faces different challenges every day. Let's take a look at how Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books combined work even better together in motivating different team to succeed. How much is your time worth?


For new product development teams, team collaboration and communication is a basis for succeeding and delivering quality products. JIRA and Tempo facilitate open, effective, and transparent communication process. Motivations for succeeding is being agile and efficient. Accurate time tracking yields better reports on progress and time boundaries. Each hour logged on project's issue is registered where the type of issue is carefully monitored in the utilization report, giving a clear overview of how team members are spending their time. Visualize team resources, plan for internal things e.g. sick time and vacation time, and find your optimal business Tempo.

For professional services teams, team progress is the basis for being able to bill your customers, know how your team is performing and creating customer profitability. Your billing margin helps you set prices and reach your sales targets, knowing which customers and projects maximize your return on investment. Tracking time consistently will conclude (hopefully) in 100% time registration, meaning more billable hours — more profit with real-time data.

For IT and service teams, team collaboration is key to success and knowing how people and efforts are distributed. Add third-party contractors and consultants to oversee their logged hours and allowed for in the Account's budget. Have easy access to all important data and ongoing issues with JIRA issue-tracking platform. Every logged hours is accounted for and divided between internal and billable hours in real-time.

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Tempo Accounts Empowers Businesses to Better Track, Manage, and Report on Work Performed

Last year, Tempo introduced Tempo Accounts, as a system plugin where Accounts was redesigned to manage project portfolios in JIRA and make it available for other add-ons. Before, the Account Manager was a feature in Tempo Timesheets. Tempo Accounts is the link between JIRA issues and external systems and is great to group issues from multiple JIRA projects under a common entity. Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets are fully integrated into Tempo Accounts, the core that connects the solutions better together. To get you started with Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets, and to fully exploit the features associated with Tempo Accounts, this tip shows you how you should configure your accounts to get the most accurate information about time spent on each issue and account for your customer billing.

These exceptional solutions are ideal for SME's and large-scale distributed enterprises and Tempo’s flexible pricing options are sure to reflect the needs of a wide variety of businesses. The JIRA data center ensures flexibility and high availability for businesses hosting applications in their own data center ensuring that our largest enterprise customers are not without our mission-critical time tracking, planning, budgeting, and portfolio management solutions.

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