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Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: Recover Inaccessible Folio Data with Super Admins

Tempo Folio, our project and portfolio financial management add-on for JIRA, gives businesses the option of refining and granularly controlling who among their teams and team members in their organization has access to vital financial data, keeping those who need to know in the know regarding folio health statuses.

In case of emergency  — whether a folio admin is out on vacation and no one can access it while they’re gone, or a folio’s lone owner has since left the company and has left a folio an orphan — Tempo Folio’s recent Super Admin visibility addition has you covered.

Visibility Basics

By default, the visibility of a folio’s information is driven by the shares of its associated saved filter defined under scope when a folio is created (a folio’s scope is a list of JIRA issues, defined by a JIRA saved filter). When a folio is created, Tempo Folio automatically uses the saved filter owned by the user who is creating the folio (the folio owner).


If a folio is created with a JIRA saved filter that is private, then it is viewable only by the folio owner. If a folio is created with a scope that is based on a JIRA filter that has been shared, then by default all associated users will have read-access to basic folio information, unless otherwise specified.

Add specific users to read-only access to your folios

If a folio’s saved filter has been shared, you can choose to manually restrict a folio's visibility to a list of specific JIRA users using the field below by going to the Configuration > Permissions > selecting Viewers (JIRA users) you would like to add. This will enable them to view its content with the exception of wage information, since this is considered sensitive information.  Note that the filter's shares also controls the visibility of the folio's issues so you should make sure it is shared with explicitly specified viewers.

Note that manually adding users to view a folio overwrites its default behavior. In the screenshot below, the folio owner is John, and Amy Mitchell, has been added as a Viewer.


Designating a JIRA user with read-access to a folio does not give them access to view the results of the filter associated with the folio. Rather, all scope related data (hours, issue count, sum of original estimates, assigned issues, etc.) will be 0 (zero). Only users with edit rights to a folio can modify wage and other folio data and configurations.

Adding Admins

New admins can also be designed through the Configuration > Permissions settings. These are specific JIRA users who are granted full read and write access to a folio. Note that the folio’s filter shares controls visibility of the folio’s issues, so you should make sure that it is also shared with the folio administrators that are added.


Super Admins to the Rescue

In our 7.2 release, we introduced new Super Admins, so that orphan folios and portfolios can be re-assigned to valid JIRA users in the event that an original folio owner is out of the office or otherwise unavailable.

Having the Super Admin role allows a designated groups of users to perform all data configuration capabilities, including access to its wage information, updating and adding expenses and members, and more. These differ from folio admins, in that they will have access to all folios and all portfolios in read and write mode.

How Super Admins Work

Designating a Super Admin is easy. A JIRA Administrator can access Tempo Folio’s Global Configuration screen from the JIRA drop-down menu as shown below, and open the Permissions tab. There, they can designate one or more JIRA user groups indicating which users will get Super Admin rights.


In addition to the folio owner (typically, the user who creates the folio), Super Admins can view and edit folios for which they have been designed this access, so you'll always have someone available for fixing things in case of emergency.


Don’t let your folios and portfolios get lost in the fray! Super Admins will keep you covered and your budgets in the black.

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