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Customer Story Interview: ServiceRocket


Tell us about yourself and your company

My name is Mark McCormack and I work as an Implementation Manager at ServiceRocket. ServiceRocket is a unique Customer Success company focused on ensuring enterprises and users successfully incorporate software into their businesses and lives – so they use it, love it and buy more. Through training, support and utilization, ServiceRocket creates long-lasting, loyal relationships between software companies, enterprises and their software by delivering these elements to enable customer success. Based in Palo Alto, California, ServiceRocket has global teams in Australia, Chile, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have have around 170 employees.

Where did you discover Tempo Timesheets?

Atlassian Marketplace search.

How long have you been using Tempo Timesheets?

More than two years

What challenges were you facing before that made you turn to Tempo Timesheets? How has Tempo Timesheet benefitted you're company?

We needed to be able to plan and log our consultants billable hours and we were doing that in two places. It has saved us a lot of money since we are no longer using Projector PSA). All our customer billable work is now in one place.

Were you previously using any other tools for time tracking, resource planning, and project management? If so, what prompted you to make the switch to Tempo?

We were using Projector PSA. The idea of having our issues, planning and Project Management all in one place. Also, there is a large saving for us to use Tempo as compared to the cost of Projector PSA.

Can you describe how your organization uses Tempo Timesheets? What problem(s) does it solve for you?

Essentially, Tempo Planner and Timesheets allows us to ensure our professional services team achieves their utilisation targets and remain profitable.

What main purpose(s) would you say Tempo serves for your organization?

Time tracking, team planning and resource planning.

Are there any specific features that your team frequently uses?

Planning at least one month ahead (including vacations). We also do our invoicing right out of JIRA and Tempo.

What would you say has been the biggest change in your organization since you’ve started using Tempo Timesheets?

We've saved a lot of time and money by logging time in just one place and billing our customers straight out of JIRA.

How would you say that employees in your organization are feeling about Tempo Timesheets generally?

a. Our executives love being able to measure the team utilisation.

b. Our teams have a better awareness of what everybody is doing which allows them to focus on the job at hand of delighting our customers.

c. Not many employees like logging time, but if you have to do it - it should give you the sort of benefits that JIRA and Tempo Timesheets bring.

What would you tell another company asking about Tempo Timesheets?

If they are already using JIRA and would like to track time and plan their work, I'd highly recommend they evaluate Tempo Timesheets.

Any Final Thoughts?

We look forward to the upcoming API improvements so that we can make our own customisations and tailor Tempo Timesheets more closely to suit how log and approve time (especially non-billable time).