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Are You Responsible for Customer Relationships? A Tempo Books Product Walkthrough

The person who serves as a liaison between a company and its customers - typically, an account manager or project manager - is the person who is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service and overall client satisfaction. On top of managing relationships with customers, that person is also responsible for managing and triaging proposals and client requests and ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within expectations. Customer account managers need a system that is easy to use, offers visibility with real-time data, saves time on billing, and provides customers with professional reports that give them the information they need.

With the latest release of Tempo Books 1.3 we are one step closer to more evolved invoicing features. Join us for a walkthrough session of Tempo Books where we use JIRA, Tempo Timesheets, and Tempo Books to manage projects and customer accounts, as well as for time tracking and reporting, budget management, and billing workflow management - for nurturing customer relationships. Register to attend this product walkthrough and ask questions with a Tempo expert.


Tempo Demos and Webinars

Our awesome customer advocates offer walkthrough sessions for all Tempo products on a regular basis. These sessions are aimed at those who are just starting out with Tempo, or are existing customers and want to make sure that they are receiving the full benefits of their Tempo product(s). These sessions are a great way to get started with one or more of our products, or boost your knowledge to get your organization on the right track with Tempo. As each of our products has their own distinct features, the four add-ons are demonstrated separately and together. All our walkthroughs end with a Q&A session with our customer advocate ready to answer if there are any questions that arise during the session.

Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets

Are You Responsible for Customer Relationships? Get Started With Tempo Books