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Announcing Tempo Books 1.1: Make Sure All Logged Hours Are Accounted for and Ready for Billing, and in Respect to the Budget and Utilization Reports

After a successful launch of Tempo Books in April 2015, the Tempo Books team is proud to introduce the first point release, Tempo Books 1.1. For this version the highlights are unaccounted hours and improvements on the budget view and the utilization report.

We would love to hear more from our evaluators and customers, and your experience with Tempo Books so far. Attend a walkthrough of Tempo Books to get the latest in action.

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Lets take a closer look at Tempo Books 1.1.

Logged Hours That Are Not Associated With an Account

Generally organizations insist on their team members to log their hours respectively and preferable as soon as possible. For some, its frustrated enough to log your hours instead of using the time to create value for clients. But what if the logged hours per issues / projects are not linked to an account and a customer? That means that logged hours will not be included in the budget or utilization reports, and as a consequence not billable.

In Tempo Books, logged hours that can not be associated with an account category type (billable, capitalized, internal, or operational) are said to be unaccounted hours. Make sure all work is accounted for by reviewing your unaccounted hours and select the appropriate account for the issue or project involved.

To access your unaccounted hours, first you need to go to your Accounts overview from the Tempo drop-down menu. There you can access the new overview page displaying unaccounted hours.


The scenarios for unaccounted hours:

  1. Issues are not assigned to an account
  2. Accounts are not linked to an account category
  3. Account category is not linked to an account category type

This JIRA instance below has 3,913.00 unaccounted hours. To eliminate unaccounted hours, select an appropriate account, account category, and account category type for all unaccounted hours.



When an issue has been assigned to an account, account category, and account category type a green tick appears next to the issue, the releveant type color will be displayed to the left and the sum of unaccounted hours will reduce in the top information border. A congratulations message pops up when all issues have been accounted for!


Or a message saying that your instance does not have any unaccounted logged hours.


Improvements on the Budget View and Utilization Reports

We’re listening a lot to customer feedback, and the Tempo Books team is responding with improved features and fixes of the Budget view, Team utilization reports, Expense categories, and the Price table:

  • A new progress indicator for Account Budget and Team Utilization has been added
  • Account Budget now picks non similar color that render together
  • In Team Utilization the user can easily identify what is missing in the Team's logged hours for example customer, account or category type
  • Information text and link to documentation has been added to Price Table, Account Budget View, Account Budget Configuration and Team Utilization
  • In Team Utilization user can easily identify which week or Team member is chosen in the Utilization Chart
  • In Team Utilization table is updated to singular week so it is easy for the user to compare it to selected bar in the utilization graph
  • In Issue view user can see who created expense to the issue
  • In Team Utilization user can now see all of the percentage for accounts in the utilization table sum up to total percentage
  • Creating a new Expense Category name is now valid although another category has the same order of letters in the name

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