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8 Ways Tempo Can Help Your Enterprise Stay Lean and Efficient

Tempo’s solutions for JIRA help businesses of all sizes scale their business initiatives, while staying lean, adaptable, and efficient with reliable, real-time data.

Back in December, we released Tempo Planner 2.1, which included new story point and iteration planning features and support for JIRA Data Center. This brought both Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner inline with JIRA Data Center for the largest JIRA customers who seek high availability and performance at scale when hosting our applications in their own data center. FOLIO, our newest Tempo product family member, already JIRA Data Center compatible, delivering project and portfolio financial management to the largest JIRA enterprise customers.

Through this program, Atlassian’s JIRA Data Center customers gain high-quality, dependable access when employing multiple active server clustering and load-balancing technologies. JIRA Data Center deployments integrate with industry-standard technologies to minimize single points of failure.


Tempo empowers product development, professional services, and IT teams of all sizes -- from small startups to distributed global enterprises -- to better plan for, manage, and visualize graphically the distribution of team efforts and workflows, helping teams better prioritize work and strategically match their business goals.

Championing simplicity, scalability, and ease-of-use at all business levels, these project and portfolio management solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile deliver planning, budgeting, time tracking, and reporting capabilities with real-time business data seamlessly to on-premise JIRA instances (Tempo Timesheets is also available for JIRA Cloud -- Tempo Planner, Tempo Books, and FOLIO will be deployed to the cloud soon -- stay tuned!). They’re each suitable for teams working with Agile or traditional waterfall methodologies.

In addition to providing enterprise support for the largest JIRA customers, Tempo’s enterprise solutions offer:

1.  Customizable Teams and Permissions Settings Offer Flexibility Based on Specific Needs

Tempo’s customizable permissions settings give administrators greater flexibility and better oversight of informational access across their organizations.  Tempo admins and team leaders can configure Tempo’s settings for both Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner products based on team member role and needs, including Tempo Admin, Manage Teams, Approve Timesheet, Time Tracking, Plan Time permissions and more.

2.  Agile Team Management Features for Distributed Teams

Adaptable workload and holiday schemes enable organizations with distributed teams and those with difference schedules and holidays to easily manage workflows, keeping everyone in sync.


Tempo’s Teams Space is a system plugin that works across our Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner products. Our Teams space enables team managers (those with the Tempo team manager permission) to set up and configure workload and holiday schemes based on their roles and availability, including working days and local fixed or floating holidays.

Teams can be given a mission, and linked to a JIRA project or agile board, if using JIRA Agile. Team member workloads and holiday schemes are reflected in the timesheets and timelines in both products. These features particularly help distributed teams stay in sync and on the same page.

3.  Internal Task Management

With easy internal issue and activity configuration, Tempo enables organizations to create, manage, and distinguish internal, non-billable aspects of work, such as sick days and vacation time from billable work, enabling managers to keep track of employee time and availability.


Internal issues and activities can be configured by Tempo admins for things that are common to all employees, such as sick time, meetings, vacation time, and business travel. You can attach them to a JIRA project and plan and track time against them, and the time will reflect in our timesheets and planning views in Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner.

4.  Easy Customer and Account Management

Although currently integrated into our Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books solutions, Tempo’s Accounts module will soon span the product suite, giving managers transparency on account progress and the ability to accurately divide up time and resources, adapting with real-time business information. Easy import and export of account data gives managers flexibility in client billing and analysis.


However, Tempo Accounts are also useful for organizations that are not in the business of client billing. Accounts can be treated as different business modules that span across multiple JIRA projects and different categories (or customers). Tempo’s Accounts include custom fields, and can be added manually or by import. Reports and custom gadgets let you extrapolate account data across your organization in real-time (for instance, our custom or monthly Account burn-up charts, or Account Hours by Customer gadget.

5.  Transparent and Collaborative Workflows

Tempo’s product suite facilitates organizational workflow management, including planned, estimated, and actual worked time for client billing, internal payroll management, budgeting, forecasting, cost rate management. Timesheet and planned time approvals processes improve transparency, communication, and overall time management. 

6.  Better Team Planning

Whether you’re a development team looking for resource scheduling, agile capacity and sprint planning, and program and roadmap planning, or you’re a marketing team looking for a better way to plan for and keep track of your projects in JIRA, Tempo’s solutions can help your teams better stay in sync, adapting as needs, resources, and plans change.

Simplified resource planning and easy time tracking with inline editing in Tempo Timesheets lets team members and team leads plan for and manage their teams. Worklog reports and visual data via Tempo’s several gadgets let you customize your JIRA dashboard with real-time visual data targeted for executives, account managers, team leads, and team members.


Tempo Planner is a solution specifically geared for development teams -- those that are using JIRA Agile and those that aren’t -- to plan for teams, delivering sprints and releases on-time, keeping everyone on the same page with a visual planning timeline and a centralized Teams Space that syncs up with your JIRA projects and agile boards.


7.  Portfolio Financial Management

Our newest Tempo product family member, FOLIO for JIRA, is a flexible add-on that enables executives, project managers, and executives to manage resources (people and time), project scopes, and budgets -- a well-known project management constraint triangle. With FOLIO, you can plan, allocate, manage, and track resources across all projects and portfolios, comparing actual results in real-time, getting a roll-up of data in real-time.


Having the ability to identify risks and over-allocations before they escalate, and immediately react to them is critical for any business. Knowing immediately if those changes have made an impact gives you peace of mind.

8.  Relevant, Real-Time Data

Each of our products displays visual, real-time data through multiple gadgets, reports, and product features to help all team members stay on track, identify critical issues before they escalate, and easily adapt course as needed.



Tempo’s support for JIRA Data Center is available starting in the Tempo Timesheets 7.10 and Tempo Planner 2.1 releases. FOLIO supports JIRA Data Center, starting with its 6.0.1 release for JIRA Server.

Free 30-day evaluations are available for all Tempo solutions on the Atlassian Marketplace.  Tempo Books is currently in beta (accessible on the Atlassian Marketplace) and will soon be officially released. 

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