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5 Things We’re Grateful for in 2015

It’s the perfect time of the year to look back and reflect on what you’ve been doing this year, to learn from what you’ve done, and what you are grateful for this year. Here are five things which we’re really grateful for in 2015:

1. Innovation for Growth

With success comes growth. This year we've introduced two new products extending our popular award-winning time tracking solution Tempo Timesheets - in addition to Tempo Planner and Tempo Folio.

In April we released a customer budgeting and billing workflow management solution on top of JIRA and Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Books. The ability to set prices across different roles and monitor a customer's budget in real-time, while team members log time on issues in JIRA, were highly requested features from our Tempo Timesheets customers. There is a lot more to come in 2016, so stay tuned!

Just in time for the Atlassian Summit, we released a Tempo mobile app - another way of tracking your time, and now on the go! The Tempo mobile app has received a lot of recognition from JIRA and Tempo users and we look forward to seeing what our mobile team is planning in 2016!

We've also been fiddling around with an add-on for Atlassian's HipChat Connect, Tempo for HipChat. The Tempo cloud team is getting ready to launch the beta, giving teams better visibility and transparency about where team members are, their daily statuses, and project pipelines and priorities.


2. Meeting New People

This year was pretty hectic, we attended many events and conferences in both Europe and North-America. We love meeting new people, customers, and partners. The biggest event each year is the Atlassian Summit. It was our seventh year participating, and our second consecutive year serving as the Platinum sponsor of the event.




We received two awards at the Ecosystem Awards reception before the Atlassian Summit — one for the top-selling cloud add-on for our Tempo Timesheets solution for JIRA Cloud, and one for the most creative marketing Ccampaign, for our Tempo Vision April Fools’ Campaign. We were honored to take home these awards to our team.


3. Giving back

For five years now we’ve been supporting the Room to Read foundation through our $10 Starter Licenses. Room to Read is a global organization dedicated to promoting and enabling education through programs focused on literacy and gender equality in education. Their core belief is that all children, regardless of gender or background, have a right to education. They achieve this goal by establishing school libraries, building schools, publishing local-language children’s books, training teachers on literacy education, and supporting girls to complete secondary school with life skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond.

Room to Read just reached a major milestone this year by having benefitted 10 million children since 2000. That's a lot!


4. Our Very Passionate and Diligent Partners

Our Tempo Partners are Atlassian Experts, who resell our Tempo products and many of them also offer consulting and training as well. They play a big part in our success as they help us expand our services to Tempo users worldwide and account for a share of our total sales.

The Tempo Partner network keeps on growing consistently every year and we’ve now partnered up with more than 90 global Atlassian Experts to deliver Tempo’s suite of add-ons to organizations the world over.

We hosted our second successful Tempo Partner Day at the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco in November, where we met with several of our coveted Atlassian Expert partners to share new product updates, what’s coming on the roadmap, and to mingle with representatives from ServiceRocket, Adaptavist, catWorkX, ACA IT-Solutions, Clearvision, Valiantys, Ricksoft, and more.   

Thank you to our partners!



5. The Tempo Family Keeps Growing

When we launched our first Tempo add-on for JIRA back in 2008, we could count team members on one hand. This year, we welcomed around 30 new team members to our team. From developers and designers to customer success managers. We now have over 70 Templings sitting at their desks in Reykjavik and Montréal creating amazing things for our customers and potential customers.

As with previous years, we held another successful summer intern program to introduce local students to Tempo's innovation and product development. When winter came in September (at least in Reykjavik, Iceland), most of our interns continued to work with Tempo part-time.




2015 has been a great year for us at Tempo - thanks for being part of it and we hope it was the same for you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Tempo team!