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5 things Tempo is doing this summer besides working

How to be more productive and more passionate about your job? It is as simple as having fun! We've been up to lot more this summer besides working hard and developing awesome products for our customers and introducing new features, we also have fun. Our energy is palpable and both Tempo team members and Tempo's staff association, called Time Out, have been active in organizing fun things to do.

Here’s some of the things that we’ve been up to lately beyond working hard:

  1. FIT-Bastard Competition at the Beach

    Our annual fit competition has been around for years but this year we decided to have a fun team building exercise where everyone would participate.
    We had six teams and every team got to design their own T-shirt. We had a blast at the only beach in Reykjavík, Nauthólsvík (man-made beach), and the competition was fierce. When at the beach in Iceland, of course some team members went to hot tub, located on the beach. Afterwards the team met for a barbecue and more fun for the rest of the night.

  2. Running the Reykjavik Marathon

    The annual Reykjavik Marathon will be held on the 22nd of August. Like previous years, the Tempo team will be running and positively contribute to our society. The marathon is the perfect way to make a difference, which offers distances suitable for all, not only for your own benefit, but at the same time to run for a charity of your choice that is close to your heart. This year to motivate team members, Tempo is going to donate to each charity depending on the distance each team member chooses.
    Since early Spring, we've had an active group of runners. The group is called Tempo Run and runs twice a week. Exercising together is a really good team building activity and sometimes people from neighbouring companies, in Borgartún, join the Tempo Run.

  3. Glacier, Lava, and Steam Adventure

    We had a lovely visit from Paul Friesen, the product marketing manager for the Atlassian Marketplace. After AtlasCamp in Prague, Paul came to Iceland for a long weekend. The Tempo marketing team joined him on a nice trip discovering the unique and dramatic landscape of Iceland. The trip included the classic Golden Circle (Geysir, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir), amazing view of our capital Reykjavik, Langjökull glacier, and part of the unspoiled highlands of Iceland.
    Tempo TeamIMG_1285

  4. After Work Hiking

    We do have some active outdoorsy team members here at Tempo, the Tempo hiking group. Although the hiking routes are different in nature and difficulty, they usually try to hike near Reykjavik and each hike takes about 3-6 hours. Friends and family are of course welcome to join in. So far the group has hiked Mt. Esja, Ljósufjöll, Akrafjall, and Mt. Keilir. Wonderfully, we live in a place which offers a landscape full of surprises with colorful mountains, jagged peaks, black sands, moss covered lava fields, and much more.
    Tempo team
    hiking 2hiking1

    Photographs by Atli Mar Gunnarsson.

  5. Welcoming New Team Members and Summer Interns

    This summer, six interns are joining the team on their school breaks and after completing their studies. The interns are in various teams i.e. development, business analysis, marketing, UX, and new Tempo Labs team. We are also welcoming new full-time employees this summer. Around the Icelandic National Day (which is June 17th), Time Out organized a fun night to get know one another a bit better. After work, 7 teams took part in a pub quiz and enjoyed some barbecued chicken along with a few drinks. The Tempo team has grown a lot over the last few months and currently the number of team members has reached almost 70 people.