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Top 10 Tempo Timesheets Features #8 (VIDEO) – Configuring the Tempo Scheduler

We recently put together a list of the top 10 Tempo Timesheets features based on an informal in-house survey and created short videos demonstrating each feature. All of the videos in this countdown will be short.

The Number 8 Tempo Timesheets feature is: Configuring the Tempo Scheduler

The Tempo Scheduler can be used for two different tasks:

1. Scheduling Closures means that users are unable to add and edit worklogs within an open period after a closing date.

2. Scheduling Reminders are email reminders informing users that they need to fill in their timesheet. With the Schedule Reminders there is no closing date.

Check out a short video on configure the Tempo Scheduler in Tempo Timesheets:



If you feel like the video is too fast then just pause the video at any time or play it back whenever.

Stay tuned to our blog for our other most loved Tempo Timesheets features. 

Top 10 Tempo Timesheets Features