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TM Software Presents Tempo’s Project and Portfolio Management Solutions for JIRA as the Platinum Sponsor of Atlassian Summit 2014

Working at all organizational levels, Tempo’s suite of agile solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile drive efficiency and better project and portfolio management to advance operational and business objectives for both new product development and professional services teams.

(REYKJAVIK, Iceland) — September 9, 2014 — TM Software, creator of the award winning Tempo Timesheets add-on for Atlassian’s project and issue tracking platform, JIRA, and its agile component, JIRA Agile, today kicked off its first-ever Platinum sponsorship at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, California. Championing simplicity, scalability, and ease-of-use at all organizational levels, Tempo’s suite of agile project and portfolio management software solutions for JIRA serve as flexible hybrid solutions that handle the day-to-day work for agile teams, yet also convey aggregated information for strategic business planning.

Used alone with JIRA or in tandem with one another, the Tempo Timesheets, Tempo  Planner, and Tempo Books add-ons empower businesses to better plan for, manage, and visualize graphically the distribution of team efforts, helping teams better prioritize work and reach their business goals.

  • Agile time tracking, flexible reporting, and operations management features drive business value:  With its seamless integration into JIRA and JIRA Agile, Tempo Timesheets offers teams painless time tracking, flexible resource planning, and operations management for client billing, internal payroll calculations, and capitalization measurement. Agile timesheets and reporting features enable teams to easily browse their work and track time on epics, sprints, stories, and JIRA issues from Scrum or Kanban boards, quickly obtaining vital information regarding team efforts.
  • Cost and expense tracking for budgeting and informed decision making:  Grouping worklog information in JIRA for tracking internal costs and operational expenses, forecasting, and budgeting for the future is simplified with Tempo’s new Accounts features, included in Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books. Professional services teams can optimally segment accounts and report on billable and non-billable work for customer invoicing and capitalization. Tempo Accounts enables new product development teams to manage team resources, measure capitalization, budget, and manage internal payroll.
  • Agile estimating and planning for transparency and efficiency:  Tempo Planner’s simple drag-and-drop features, flexible views, and a visual planning timeline enable easy planning for teams, projects, epics, sprints, and releases in JIRA and JIRA Agile. New program planning features help team leads plan roadmaps and manage backlogs with one click, planning and reporting on projects by the capacity, utilization, and specialities of team members. Team capacity reporting keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Relevant, real-time data and flexible features help identify risk and adapt as needs and circumstances require:  Manage the statuses of your teams, projects, and programs in real-time with quick visual indicators and reporting features. Real-time information helps you identify key issues and pivot as needs and circumstances require. What-if scenarios help you glean valuable information from the past and confidently plan for the future.
  • Onboarding made easy:  With flexible roles and permissions settings, customizable workload and holiday schemes, and the easy migration of customer and account data, Tempo’s solutions can be customized to perform tasks specific to business environments, simplifying the introductory process.
  • Performance at scale:   With strong, flexible deployment options and the ability to support global implementations, Tempo’s product suite enables distributed teams, from small startups to large-scale enterprises, to work together efficiently.

Tempo’s solutions competently support different types of work environments, addressing simple work management as well as sophisticated business-driven project needs.  They help teams throughout organizations stay on track, improve communication and transparency, increase ROI on projects, generate greater EBITDA, and trust information as it develops to make decisions that will help them surpass their competition.

  • Voted the #1 Atlassian Marketplace Add-on of 2012
  • Top-Grossing Atlassian Marketplace Add-on of 2013

“Tempo has increased our internal knowledge management and productivity,” said Kirstin Falk, President, Red Bricks Media.  “Our Account Managers and Project Managers have complete transparency to see how a project is progressing; Tempo enables our management and team members to divide up time and resources properly.”


Licenses start at $10 per year and can be purchased for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server instances.  Tempo offers free 30-day evaluations on the Atlassian Marketplace. For more information, visit www.marketplace.atlassian.com For large deployments, Tempo offers enhanced support, end-user and administrator training, and participation in best-practice webinars. For more information, visit www.tempoplugin.com/enterprise



TM Software, creator of Tempo’s award winning solutions for JIRA, is a leading enterprise application software developer headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland.  As world class software developers and business consultancy experts, TM Software works every single day to deliver mission critical, enterprise class, and web-enabled applications with high support needs. Tempo is a recognized leader and visionary in agile product solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile, with customers ranging from small startups to large-scale distributed and Fortune 50 enterprises with more than 10,000 Tempo users.  Approximately 300,000 daily users from more than 6,000 organizations in over 100 countries—including Disney, eBay, Amazon, AT&T, Oracle, BMW, Dell, and Pfizer—use Tempo’s agile solutions to work smarter and more efficiently.


Jessica VanderVeen Marketing Director jessie@tmsoftware.com +354 545 3048