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TM Software Introduces New Tempo Accounts for Atlassian’s JIRA to Advance Product Development and Professional Services Teams

Working at all organizational levels, Tempo Timesheets drives efficiency and better project and portfolio management to advance operational and business objectives.

(REYKJAVIK, Iceland) — September 3, 2014 — TM Software, creator of the award winning Tempo Timesheets solution for Atlassian’s project and issue tracking platform, JIRA, today announced a major overhaul of Tempo’s Accounts features with its Tempo Timesheets 7.10 release for improved cost management, customer billing, capitalization measurement, and internal payroll.

With seamless integration to JIRA, Tempo Timesheets empowers product development and professional services teams to better track and manage work, report, and visualize graphically the distribution of team efforts across their business portfolios.

Tempo’s new Accounts features harness customer, account, project, and employee work data in real-time and segment information for financial measurement and capturing work on the portfolio level.

Customers now see an all-in-one solution for:

  • Segregating work entries for client billing and capitalization measurement:  Tempo Timesheets’ new Account features enable professional services teams to optimally segment accounts and report on billable and non-billable work for customer invoicing and capitalization.
  • Tracking internal costs and operational expenses for budgeting and informed decision making:  Grouping work log information in JIRA for tracking internal costs and operational expenses, forecasting, and budgeting for the future is simplified with Tempo’s new Accounts features.
  • Flexible customer management:  Better browsing and filtering capabilities, usability enhancements, granular permissions settings, and an increased flexibility for importing and exporting data with Tempo’s Accounts API enable allow organizations to manage customers and accounts and drill down information as needed.
  • Onboarding made easy:  With its flexible roles and permissions settings, workload and holiday schemes, and the easy migration of customer and account data, Tempo Timesheets can be customized to perform tasks specific to business environments, simplifying the introductory process.
  • Performance at scale:   With strong, flexible deployment options and the ability to support global implementations, Tempo Timesheets provides high performance at scale for mission critical resource planning needs.

"Tempo's new Accounts empower us and our customers to connect JIRA with our portfolios, providing complete tracking of our product development and professional services teams' work for billing, budgeting, and capitalization measurements," Pétur Águstsson, VP of Tempo's Operations said. "These new features and enhancements provide a better means of interacting with Account information directly in JIRA, giving us confidence and visibility of all operations throughout our entire organization."

Tempo Timesheets integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Planner and the upcoming Tempo Books add-on for enhanced planning, budgeting, and portfolio management.

Tempo’s full suite of agile project and professional solutions competently support different types of work environments, addressing simple work management as well as sophisticated business-driven project needs. They help teams throughout organizations stay on track, improve communication and transparency, increase ROI on projects, generate greater EBITDA, and trust information as it develops to make decisions that will help them surpass their competition.

  • Voted the #1 Atlassian Marketplace Add-on of 2012
  • Top-Grossing Atlassian Marketplace Add-on of 2013

Learn more about Tempo Timesheets:  www.tempoplugin.com


Tempo Timesheets licenses start at $10 per year, and are available for both Cloud and Server. Free evaluations and license purchases are available on the Atlassian Marketplace.  For more information, visit www.tempoplugin.com

For large deployments, Tempo offers enhanced support, end-user and administrator training, and participation in best-practice webinars.  For more information, visit www.tempoplugin.com/enterprise



TM Software, creator of Tempo’s award winning solutions for JIRA, is a leading enterprise application software developer headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland.  As world class software developers and business consultancy experts, TM Software works every single day to deliver mission critical, enterprise class, and web-enabled applications with high support needs.

Tempo is a recognized leader and visionary in agile project and portfolio management solutions for JIRA and JIRA Agile, with customers ranging from small startups to large-scale distributed and Fortune 50 enterprises with more than 10,000 Tempo users.  Approximately 300,000 daily users from more than 6,000 organizations in over 100 countries—including eBay, Amazon, AT&T, Disney, Oracle, BMW, Dell, and Pfizer—use Tempo’s agile solutions to work smarter and more efficiently.


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