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Tempo Timesheets Tip Of The Month: Worklog Distribution Gadget

The Worklog Distribution Gadget is the latest gadget made for Tempo Timesheets 7.8 and is one of the most useful gadgets. It is as the name indicates, a good way to analyse or get an overview for worklog distribution. It can be useful to see the distribution of worklogs to know how much time is being spent on a certain Issue, Project, Account, or by User. Configuring the Worklog Distribution Gadget is really simple here’s how:

Add gadget to Dashboard

This gadget can be added in a few different ways to a dashboard. Using the Add Gadget button from the JIRA Dashboard is probably the easiest way. add_gadgetThe gadget can also be added from the search JIRA Issue result screen, with an existing filter and by creating one on the fly through the process. export_chartsThis opens the Gadgets dialog, where you can choose the Worklog Distribution Gadget from the left panel. (Note that an error message is displayed until the right gadget has been chosen)choose_gadgetNote that if the current user is not in the set Project role to view other users, s/he will not see other users as on the screenshot above.

Next select a dashboard for the gadget and if the filter doesn’t have a name, it needs to be given one in the process. save_gadget

Gadget Configuration

The default configurations for the Worklog Distribution Gadget looks like the following. gadget_configurationThis table shows the configuration options for each entry or field.

2014-02-12_15-31-32Once all the configuration options have been set, click the Save button to display the result in a Column, Pie or Donut Chart.

Gadget Display

The Worklog distribution gadget can be displayed in numerous ways in order to fit the users needs. For example lets display a gadget which is grouped by Issue where the period selected is Current month and lets display it as a Column Chart. worklog_distribution_gadgetThe filter name is an active link, which opens the Advanced Timesheet for the filter displayed. If you want to change the current gadget then you can edit any of the configuration options, by opening the gadget menu in the top right corner and click the Edit option.


Options can be edited as needed and then saved for a new display. For example the chart displayed here below is the same data but displayed as a Donut Chart. dounut_chartIf you want to knock out some values, you can. Knocking values can be done for both the Pie and Donut Chart. To knock a value out, click on it’s coloured circle and it is no longer included in the displayed image. pie_chartTo include it again, simply click on the dot again. The percentage displayed for each value, is always based on the total number of values included.

And that’s it! Be sure to check out our other Tempo Timesheets Tips of the Month for more neat features.