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Tempo Timesheets Tip Of The Month: Creating and Configuring a Team

With the 7.8 release of Tempo Timesheets we introduced the Tempo Teams space. Team Leads can assign your team members to a certain team, working towards specific sets of goals. Effective communication among teams is vital for a business to succeed, but geographical distances often make it difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Here’s how to create and configure a team with Tempo Timesheets:

From your JIRA instance open the Tempo drop-down list and select more… to enter the Teams space.Teams_navigationNow we’re in the Teams space and you click on the Create New Team button in order create a new team. Note that you have to have a Manage Teams (Tempo Team Manager) permission in order to be able to create a new team. TeamsNow the Create Team dialog appears and you pick a name for your new Team and write a short Summary of the team if you choose to. Finally you can choose a Team Lead for the team which gives permission to configure the team. create_team_dialogNow we’ve successfully created a Team within Tempo and as you can see the Team is pretty limited as is now. However the next step is to add members to the Dev Team. In order to do so navigate your way over to the Configurations section. team_overviewIn the Configuration section you can choose Members and add members to the team individually or by group. You also have the option to assign members to certain roles and choose their Availability. This might come in handy for example for Scrum Masters who might divide their work between two teams. Finally you can choose the date the team member joins the team and leaves the team. Note that the join date can be in the future for planned members.add_team_membersNow we’ve populated the Dev Team with 5 team members including John Steel himself. In the Team overview users can now access information about a team in one centralized space. Dev_teamAnd that’s how you create and configure a Team in Tempo Timesheets and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The Teams space also integrates with Tempo Planner for detailed reporting and can be really useful for users who are using the Tempo suite of add-ons.